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  1. midnightwalker
    My feedback will be here [​IMG]

    It's my pleasure to do business with you guys [​IMG]
  2. ilikebananafudge
    I just sold midnightwalker my CORDA MOVE, and he was a pleasure to deal with, with great communication and a quick payment! Would gladly do business with him again [​IMG]
  3. mr.khali
    Sold midnightwalker my Corda Move. Quick payment and provided great details to ensure shipping would not be a problem to his home in Vietnam.[​IMG]
  4. 3000
    I sold my Sennheiser HD595 to this guy, the communication was great and went fluidly.

    As sending a package to Vietnam is somewhat uncommon (which he understands) it took a little more time than usual to complete the transaction, but this was never any problem for him or myself.

    Thumbs up to midnightwalker.
  5. Vaughn
    I sold midnightwalker a pair of Denon AH-D2000's and the transaction went
    perfectly. Thanks!
  6. Greeni
    I sold Midnightwalker a Codra 3Move. Great communication and prompt payment. Highly recommended.
  7. jma790
    I sold my 2Move to Kiet; he was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. He was really quick and friendly with his responses. He was also really patient while waiting for the amp to arrive to his home at Vietnam. He is a nice person, and a great buyer. Thanks!
  8. riddley
    Kiet bought my 2Move. He is good to deal with, great communication and prompt payment, no problems at all.
  9. ciphercomplete
    Sold him a pair of HD580s. Quick payment. Good guy to deal with.
  10. samschu
    Sold him a pair of UE SF5 Pro. He is decisive, and paid quickly. Instead of having to ship to Vietnam he allowed me to ship them to his friend in CA, who would then ship them to Vietnam. I would be happy to deal with him again.
  11. mathman
    Kiet bought my Sennheiser HD 595s. He was a pleasure to deal with and very trustworthy. I would happily sell to him again.
  12. Gregious
    Sold midnightwalker my AKG K701. He was very reasonable to deal with and made immediate payment.
  13. jaredtkatz
    sold midnight walker my super fi 5 pros, great communication, paid quick, no problems. thanks
  14. LordBread
    I sold midnightwalker my SE530s, I've experienced zero problems. I Definitely recommend!
  15. ath
    Keit bought my SE530s. He was a pleasure to communicate with and was prompt on his payment. Highly recommended! and thanks for your business.
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