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May 14, 2004
Is there any way I can get Foobar to play MIDI files? Since it does not seem to have any native support for it, I've been forced to play them on WMP.

Also, is there any way to 'upgrade' the number of playable instruments (soundfonts as is termed by Creative)? One thing I've noticed since upgrading from a Live! card is the lack of good MIDI support. Ironically the old Live card (with Creative stock driver) boasts the best MIDI instrument replay I've heard so far.

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Jul 6, 2004
I can't help you with Foobar as I find it to be an inferior player and thus don't use it.

As for better MIDI playback, you need a better sampler. The thing about MIDIs is they are just sheet music. They sepcify what instrument to play on what note and such, but contain no sample data.

One option is to get a soundcard that handles MIDI synthesis like the Live. Any modern Creative soundcard, including the X-Fi, does this. Load it with a good soundfont, the Synergi GS soundfont is a good choice that's not too expensive, and go. That's probably the cheapest option.

Another option is to get an actual MIDI synthesizer. Edriol StudioCanvases are good for this purpose, I have one, but they don't make them anymore. You can look for a used SD-20 on eBay if you like. They sound great, but it's seperate hardware that does nothing but MIDI synthesis and isn't all that cheap.

You can also go the software synthesis route. This is a very, very wide field. There's lots of soft synths out there and they all work different. Generally it's hard to find one that works in the background, most are made to tie in to pro audio apps.

That's what I do to redo old game soundtracks, I use the SD-20 as a base and then tie in instruments from soft synths. Works great, but takes a good deal of time to setup and edit, and requires a lot of software.

As a practical matter for ease of use and not too much expense, get an X-Fi and the Synergi sample bank.

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