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Mid-tier DAP sale

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  1. pat1984
    For Sale
    Hi everyone,
      I am selling some of my DAPs as I want to move to higher end DAPs and need the extra cash for that. All items are in very good cosmetic condition and working flawlessly. The items on sale are:
    Xuelin ihifi 770 (original model with WM8740 not 770c) - Bought it in Oct 2014 from massdrop.com. Dual headphone-outs with different sound signatures (dubbed “classic” and “voice” by the manufacturer). Supports WAV/FLAC/ALAC up to 24/192 as well as MP3, OGG and so on. Based on the Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip and AD8656 opamp. Gorgeous design with tempered glass front and touch buttons. The DAP comes in the original leather flip case. The case has got some scratches but the player is flawless cosmetically. I will include the original box and all included accessories. Asking for USD $100 or 120,000 KRW.
    HM-601LE - This was purchased in Dec, 2014 and are in excellent condition. I have always put it inside a cloth bag but the back might have very minute scratches. Comes with all original accessories including the original box. Asking for USD $100 or KRW 120,000.
    Buyer pays paypal fees. I will cover the domestic shipping fee inside Korea but for internationally shipping, buyer pays shipping charges and any custom fees.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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