mid-grade in-ear 100-150$ e3 er6?
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Nov 6, 2003
I'm looking into upgrading from my sony ex71's. Ive been using them for ~ 1 year not for use at work, for which they are acceptable, and also for under helmet use on a motorcycle, for which they have become almost useless due to that fact that im on a new bike that has less windshield thus more wind noise.

I was contemplating the shure e2, but was able to see them in person:
they are by far to bulky and look a bit ridiculous.

So now I'm considering the shure e3's or the ety er6's because they are outside of a reasonable price but within a rediculous price (eg:e5c), and seem to be more compact then the e2's.

the qualities im concerned with are in order
1. sound isolation
2. wearablity / size
3. sound (in know its sacrilege that its third)
4. build quality

If anyone has thoughts/ experience with either/both I would like your input.

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Jan 22, 2004
Might I suggest something out of the routine? I have the modded koss plugs. They are cheap, meet most of your criteria, and I don't have to worry if I sweat, beat them up, yank the cord accidentally, or any of the other numerous things that happen with portable listening.

Do they sound as good as the ety's? Nope. But If I don't listen to the ety's will I know the difference?

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