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microZOTL 3 by Linear Tube Audio. True High End Audio.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jamato8, Dec 21, 2018.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    The dynamics and expansiveness of the MZ3 just gets better and better. Of course there is an end point but the end point is pure excellence.

    Running the SR1 with the fenestrated pads, I am surprised as they are more open sounding than the Utopia but both are excellent with the MZ3. Such wonderful bass control and bottom to top frequency handling that is natural and yet, not emphasizing any particular area. Good stuff!
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  2. Matthew Willims
    Seems to have totally settled down at 6.5 days use. What I am noticing is more volume at lower levels though SQ seems stable.
  3. jamato8 Contributor
    It is surprising how much difference power cords can make, since they can also filter. I have a Toroid balanced power supply I built some years back that works very well, even for my big mono amps I used to use with it. So with the MZ2 or 3 it is way more than adequate but today I decided to dig out my 99.9995 our silver power cable of a braided type configuration of special flat and round 12 gauge silver. I used to get my silver from a manufacture who gave me a price just above market on silver but still, this is a lot of silver. So I hooked up the power cable today to the MZ3 and I am surprised at the change from a standard good quality power cable from the balanced power supply. Cymbals, something I always listen to, have a better quality to them and a bigger sound stage. I don't know that anything like this would show up on measuring, maybe it would, I don't know but I can hear it.

    On Jennifer Warnes, Famous Blue Rain Coat, great impact and very expansive, which the recording is noted for but it is fleshed out even more, a testament to the MZ3 that it scales up. This is with the Focal Utopia and the iBasso SR1.
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  4. Matthew Willims
    Yes, I've noticed the bass has come in further with mine. I'm also running at even lower levels as it seems to be giving more volume as time goes on.

    Definitely a very worthwhile upgrade vs the MZ2. Still getting the volume pot in my MZ2 replaced with a Khozmo stepped attenuator. Might use it for a small bedroom system with a pair of Dayton PS220-8 drivers mounted in an open baffle.
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  5. saturdayboy
    What is the consensus as to whether the power supply should be left on at all times on the MZ3?
    Should it be turned off after every use?

    Just picked up a MZ3 a few days ago, and I am shocked at how good it sounds driving my 100db speakers
  6. jamato8 Contributor
    I use a Goldpoint attenuator in my MZ2 and changed the wiring to solid silver. This get more out of it.

    Do you have the latest PS update on the MZ2? A nice upgrade.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  7. jamato8 Contributor
    When the MZ isn't being used, the amp is off, the draw on the PS is gone so there is no reason to turn it totally off. I have always lift my PS on the MZ2 and now the 3, on all the time.
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  8. Matthew Willims
    I figured that as when off the power supply is cold. No heat generated. A good thing too as mines hidden under my entertainment unit. No way to easily reach it.
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  9. Matthew Willims
    This is going into mine. Comes with a handy remote so will lose nothing vs stock

    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
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  10. mourip
    I received my LTA MicroZotl Preamp last Fall. It replaced my MZ2/LPS in my speaker rig. I live about 10 minutes from LTA and have been working with Mark on tweaks for the MZ2, Preamp, and the new Ultralinear amp. Although I still own the MZ2, and use it for HP listening, the MZ Preamp is in another league. According to Mark the MZ3 is essentially similar to the Preamp. I use 14N7s in my Preamp and 7N7s in my MZ2. For the inputs of my MZ2 and preamp I use 7062(12AT7 equiv but with a bit less gain). I have tried other well regarded 6SN7s and 12SN7s but like the 7N7/14N7 the best.

    My preamp has taken a while to break in and takes a good hour to reach true magic. I have not spent much time with the HP outputs of the preamp but hope to soon.
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  11. Matthew Willims
    Yes, I've decided I'm putting my MZ2 up for sale when I get around to it. The MZ3 just destroys it so there's just no point in hanging on to it .
  12. Hannah25
    Good looking amp. Looks bigger than MZ2.
    Thoughts on all black or would the clear cover also go well with the MZ3. Sometimes I like a little glow but the all black look is elegant. Sticking with the MZ2 for now but definitely any new amp would have the MZ3 high on my list.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  13. geniekid
    Does toggling the output between headphones and speakers mute the other? The manual doesn't seem to answer this and I know some headamp+preamp combos where selecting "Preamp" just means it outputs to both the headphone and preamp simultaneously.
  14. EdmontonCanuck
    @jamato8 Did you have the stock MZ2 or did you have a modded one? I had my MZ2 fully upgraded by Ben @MojoAudio, running off of one of his Illuminati V3 LPS's and am wondering how all of his treatments (anti-resonance, silver wiring, upgraded caps etc) compares to the MZ3 now?
  15. jamato8 Contributor
    I have the big power supply Illuminati and put in a DACT and all silver wiring. The MZ3 is still better but the MZ2 is also excellent. The linear PS by LTA is also excellent and basically does what the Illuminati does but is smaller and lighter.
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