Microphone wiring help.
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New Head-Fier
Jan 10, 2013
Ok I have some headphones that I like and are comfortable and would like to make them into a PC headset used mostly for gaming.
heres what I got some descent around the ear phones,some old extra Xbox 360 headsets.
Now what I was thinking of doing is removing the mic and boom from the 360 headset since it is only held is place with a plastic washer and small screw to allow it to swivel.All I need to do to my headphones is drill a small hole in the housing and install the mic and boom the exact same way that it does on the 360 headset and would look like a factory install.
Here's my issue tho.I removed the mic and just to do a quick test I wired the the mic upto some test leads and then to a 3.5mm plug.Problem is when it does not pick up any sound.Now before I cut the mic from the 360 headset i tested the mic on my pc just by plugging it in and it really sounded nice.Since the mic has sound holes on both sides of boom Im assuming that its also a noise cancelling mic.
The 360 mic only has a white wire and and copper wire.What am I missing here by just trying to hook it up striaght to the pc?

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