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Michigan Spring Meet-Up 2013 (APRIL 20TH @ MSU KELLOGG)

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  1. Audio addict19
    Huh it damages the pads? It doesn't appear that way from a physical view. And alright! I just prefer the mod because i listen to more rock and alternative then i do hip-hop or the other genere's the M-100 excell's with.
  2. Herky151
    I cant make it to the event. I have to go tour Grinnell to see if I want to attend. Its too bad I cant make it because I know it will be gobs of fun
  3. blitzxgene
  4. blitzxgene
    I really want to find a way to set up my system somewhat out of the way so I can bring the airmotivs. They utterly decimate the denons in every regard. Perhaps the only area it might compete is detail retrieval, but that might not last. I swapped out the stock fuses for fancy ones expecting nothing (I just like tweaking I guess) and swapped the power cords expecting better bass control. Well the power cord did it's thing, but the fuse exploded the soundstage and imaging on the airmotivs. I'll post more later.
  5. Todd R Contributor
    Add another toy to the list:

    Mytek Stereo192-DSD-DAC. I'll have a couple DSD files on the laptop that you can listen to with the new DAC.

    I can still bring the Calyx 24/192 DAC if someone wants to hear it or is interested in buying it. Let me know.
  6. darkfireblade25
    I'm getting airmotiv5's later this year. I might wanna know whatever you did to improve your airmotivs.
  7. blitzxgene
    I don't think it's something you'll regret. [​IMG] I only went with the 4's because of limited desk space on the sides of my monitor. I never actually thought they could compete with my denons either, but the heil tweeters are just so damn intoxicating. I imagine it's why people love electrostatic so much. I'd have to say the preamp it runs off of is important to make them sing but I haven't gotten around to doing any further comparisons. The fuses I bought were supreme hifi slow blows and the power cords are shunyata venom 3. Same power cord my amp/dac uses and it made a big difference coming from a pangea 9 (which was about a inch thick; horribly inflexible cord). I'm also under the impression power cords don't matter as much until you get to a certain point, but even my old Fun amp/dac could pick up the changes the 9 brought (I only know exactly what the cord did now upon reflection. I had noticed a more prominent bass but it had also made the treble hard and fatiguing over time.) As for the fuses, I'm not entirely sure what they've done beyond increasing soundstage and possibly transparency. They are very easy to swap so I'll probably do a comparison at some point, but I keep forgetting once I turn on music. [​IMG]
  8. wotts
    Hey everyone,
    I have another engagement on April 20th, so I won't be able to attend. Feel free to contact me if you are ever in my area, I'm always up for a listening session.
  9. Audio addict19
    Hello everyone, i have one question about the meet. What's the best way to bring your music? For right now i'm coming with my Ipod video>L9>FiioE11>headphones. I want to try mainly open- backed cans and i know a few of you guys have large setups and i read somewhere that people are bringing music in hard drives i believe, so i'm not sure if the Ipod setup is adequate. 
  10. Todd R Contributor
    If your iPod is what you normally use, then I think that's what you should bring. If someone has a line out doc for your iPod, you should be able to connect it to some other systems with no problem. I'll try to bring something for you. 
    Music has been on hard drives for most meets I've been to in the past couple years. 
  11. Audio addict19
    Thanks! i have a small line out dock, the Fiio L9 and plenty of 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables so hopefully i'll be good! I used to use a 4th gen. Ipod touch but then i found the video and i love the DAC so i use a LOD and amp now. 
  12. takato14
    Just as a note, a couple of the headphones and other equipment I'm bringing to the meet are for sale. The available items are listed below:
    --Pioneer SE-700, restored and recabled with a handmade SPC cable
    --Grado RS2i, recabled by BTG-Audio
    --Beyerdynamic DT1350
    --Numark HV-215v
    --Sony MDR-SA3000
    --FiiO E7
    --AudioQuest Dragonfly
    If anyone is interested, bring some money and just ask me when we're there.
  13. Kibble Fat
    Can't make it this time as I'll be travelling. I hope you guys have a great meet! :cool:
  14. takato14
    Would it be acceptable if my parents stuck around for a bit? Might be the deciding factor in whether I get to go or not [​IMG]
  15. blitzxgene
    That would be no problem at all! 
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