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Michigan Headfiers

  1. cifani090
    Hi, im a michigan headfier. Do we have anyone else that lives in michigan?
  2. Exediron Contributor
    Yup! East Lansing, here! As for others, Jude is from Detroit, and there was one other that I knew a while back. I haven't seen him in a while, though.
  3. cifani090
    Does Jude still live in Detroit?
  4. cifani090
  5. Todd R Contributor
    Where are you?
    I'm in the SouthWest corner just a couple miles from the Indiana border.
  6. fatcat28037 Contributor
  7. cifani090
  8. cifani090
  9. Argyris Contributor
    I'm about half an hour northeast of Detroit. It seems like Michigan has a lot of Audio-Karma members but not too many Head-Fi'ers.
  10. mr56k
    Traverse city here

  11. tdockweiler
    I'm located in Kalamazoo here. Possibly the worst city to buy headphones locally. We have a choice of Best Buy and...Guitar Center.
  12. Infoseeker
    Canton, right next to Ann Arbor. Though I go to WSU within Detroit.
  13. loic54
    Ann Arbor child

  14. elrod-tom
    Greater Detroit area (Grosse Pointe)...and yes, Jude is still in these parts.
  15. cifani090


    I feel from that quote, that Jude is hiding out in Grosse Pointe[​IMG]Where are you exactly in Grosse Pointe?

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