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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. ken6217
    I’m sure the tuning and the measurements for this headphone was carefully designed this way, and so it would be safe to say that this was the sound signature that they wanted to achieve. They could have tuned it any way they wanted, but evidently this was their goal.

    So if you like the headphone and have the cash, then buy it. If not, then select something else. It’s ridiculous to dissect the measurements. They are what they are for a reason. Not an accident.

    For me personally, these are the best headphones I’ve ever heard. It all about having fun listening to music. You can’t measure fun.
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  2. Jwakeford
    Believe me the empyrean is not worth your money, it is a statement product, a prototype.
    The sound is not precise, it is pleasant but really not on par with Audeze and Hifiman offerings.
    I bought mine new and sold it after 2 months of ownership.
    Please see this video it echoes my own thoughts about them :

    Anyways, try at least listening to them before dropping your money on these.
    If I were you I'd try out the Hifiman Arya instead, cheaper and honestly better sounding.
  3. up late
    the measurements are an objective data point. they don't make assumptions about what the headphone designer's goals were or whether he achieved them - we do that. i don't think that it's ridiculous to dissect the measurements, but i do think that it would be unwise to assume that they tell the whole story. and while you can't measure fun, you can measure and analyse aspects of a headphone's performance, which can be a fun part of this hobby for some folks.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  4. ken6217
    This is so ridiculous. Your statement is subjective. It’s your opinion. you make these definitive comments like they are fact.

    OK, they’re not for you. You got your new headphones. Be happy. No need to campaign other people not to buy them to justify how you feel.
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  5. ken6217
    The measurements are objective. But how do you know they just happened and not designed that way?

    To me measurements don’t mean a whole lot when it comes to audio. Try measuring a tube amp. They’re horrible, but the amp sounds really good.

    Years ago I was looking to buy new speakers. Stereophile had the Revel Salon 2 speakers as the best speakers they’ve ever measured. They were on the front cover, and were 20 grand. I drove into Manhattan with a check in my pocket for a demo session listening to them all Mark Levinson amp, DAC, and preamp.

    I got two songs in and said to the salesman that these speakers are the least musical speakers I’ve ever heard.

    Yes, they measured great, but didn’t sound good to me.

    If it’s audio, I’m using my ears and and not my eyes to make a purchase. Measurements don’t tell the whole story.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  6. betula
    I respectfully disagree.

    Out of a good source I prefer the Empy to the LCD4 or HEKV2. Perhaps the Empy is a bit less technical than the other two but to me the Meze flagship sounds more natural and airy in the mids and treble versus the LCD4, and the HiFiMan can be bright and doesn't have the bass slam of the Empy. To me the most enjoyable choice was the Empy.
    It is personal preference. Not all people will like what you like.
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  7. up late
    "first of all", i've not said nor implied anything of the sort.

    yes, the measurements are objective and any opinions that we may have about what the headphone designer's intentions were and if he actually achieved them is conjecture (unless the designer confirms it of course) - that's all i'm saying.

    i think that measurements have a valid role to play in this hobby and in audio generally, as do some notable audio designers. if they are irrelevant to you and your enjoyment of audio, then fine, as i'm not trying to convince you otherwise.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  8. ken6217
    Sorry I mixed up your reply with another regarding spending the money.
  9. ken6217
    Measurements are good as a starting point. One could look at a review and analyze the measurements and make a determination that this is a component that might fit into the sound signature that I generally like. Then go listen to confirm if you like it our not. You cant make a decision based on the measurements solely. It is a guideline only. If not, no one would ever have to audition equipment. They could just look at the "specs" and say these will sound just what I like.

    Also I assume that the various composts that make up a headphone, drivers, shell, pads, etc also play into the final sound, and probably cannot be measured.
  10. up late
    i agree. as i posted earlier, i treat headphone measurements as indicative and i think that it would be unwise to judge a headphone on the measurements alone.

    the headphone is measured in its totality, which makes sense to me given that is what we are listening to.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  11. tradyblix
    Also, you cant just reduce headphones to their bass. Thats not how it works. Thats not how any of this works :wink:
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  12. GreenBow
    I don't understand these graphs.

    With headphone graphs there is for a normal sound, supposed to be a boost in dB somewhere in treble.

    Like if you look at the Empyrean graph from Head-Fi.

    There's the peak, somewhere between 2K and 6K Hz. (2K to 9KHz for the Sennheisers.) There has to be this peak with headphones, and it's something to do with the shape of the ear canal.

    However the graphs I quoted don't show those peaks. They show a more flat response. I am wondering if those graphs are compensated to something like real value effect. Or how much energy we hear after out ears have heard the sound. Or in real terms. (Can't say what I mean here sorry.)

    (On another note, I was never able to work out what the amplitude of that peak should be. Or it's width.)
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  13. Hifiearspeakers
    That graph is uncompensated and/or raw. Uncompensated will always show a 4K peak.
  14. LCMusicLover
    Wow, a lot of noise here today.

    I have to disagree with this point:
    Clearly not a prototype as they are being produced in quantity and shipped to re-sellers all over the world.

    Otherwise, I can't contribute further than to reiterate my opinion:

    Good headphones, very comfortable and well-built, more 'fun' than 'reference' tuned, powerful, but somewhat loose bass, surprisingly detailed for a warmer tuned headphone.

    I owned them and sold them, though not without some reluctance.
  15. project86 Contributor
    Bolded the parts I wholeheartedly agree with. Personally, I prefer the Empyrean over anything in the HiFiMAN and Audeze lineups. I've got the LCD-24 on the way so we'll see how that does, but I would choose Empyrean all day long over an LCD-4 or Susvara, for a variety of reasons.

    I thought your video was somewhat more fair than your posting above. No headphone is perfect for everyone, and that's fine... just describe what you liked and didn't like, and let the reader draw their own conclusions.
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