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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. mixman
    That's funny. You went to ZMF Festivus and fell for the Empyrean and not ZMF's?

    Loved my Norne Silver with the Empyrean. Never even took the stock cable out the case.......what's it even look like?
  2. betula
    I can relate to that. ZMF makes great headphones, but from my audition with the pretty and nice sounding Aeolus, Verité, Eikon and Atticus I left with a strong desire for the Empyrean.

    Also proves how great Zach and the guys at ZMF are that they arranged a lot of other headphones for audition too, not just their own range.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
  3. PopZeus
    Well, I did end up really digging the Aeolus. That is going to be my next headphone acquisition, but it wasn't a huge surprise. I wasn't expecting to get a chance to check out the Empyrean. Will I ever be able to get one? Maybe. Eventually. If I live long enough! Haha. A guy can dream...
  4. tradyblix
    I’m in the same boat, but I want an m scaler and will also prolly not live long enough to get one. Finally have good enough headphones where upgrading to one will be noticable.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
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  5. betula
    I am also on a relative budget and originally I was also going for the Aeolus. I thought I was going to like the Aeolus more than my Clear or LCD2C. Of course it is all about personal preference, but I did like the Aeolus more than my Clear. I still preferred the bass punch of my LCD2C, even though the mids and treble on the Aeolus were more beautiful. With my taste and my kind of music (lot of progressive ambient) I stayed with my 2C. For jazz or classical I would have chosen the Aeolus to the 2C. And I actually preferred the Aeolus to the Verité. (More musical, more coloured but more pleasing sound versus more details and a bit more neutrality.)
    Auditioning the Empyrean as a side activity however destroyed the whole mission. I immediately knew the Empyrean is all I have ever wanted. At that point I thought it is out my reach. I was going for the Aeolus which was £1200 at that time. Already quite a financial stretch. But the Empyrean bug had bit me. I knew this is the headphone I want.
    I negotiated a great price with a retailer and bought a brand new pair for £2200. I think the retailer is still thinking what an awful deal he made. Anyway, I know if I had gone for the Aeolus I wouldn't have been happy. I preferred the bass of my 2C to the Aeolus but the Aeolus was better in mids and treble. The Empyrean sounded just like perfection to me. Slightly better bass than the 2C but better mids and treble than the Aeolus. For the price I paid I felt I have finally reached audio heaven. The Empyrean is here to stay for another 2-3 years at least. And that is a good deal for me. I have tried most other flagships. Perhaps I'd like the sound of Abyss TC more, but the fit and the price is atrocious. Perhaps I'd like the Heddphone more? It is not even out yet, we know nothing about reliability of this new technique. All I know I prefer the Empyrean to the Verité, Utopia, Clear, LCD4, LCD3, Aeolus, LCD2, HD800s, HEXv2, HE1000V2...
    I am glad I skipped a step and went straight for the Empyrean instead of 'wasting' money and time on the Aeolus. (Which is a great headphone for £1000.)
    If you like planar bass, you like that bass punch and authority only planar transducers can offer but you also want lifelike mids and vocals with airy treble, I can recommend the Empyreans. LCD4 might have a slightly clearer and punchier bass, but the difference is not huge on good gear. Mids and treble however are more lifelike, cleaner and spacious on the Meze flagship. Smiply put; the Empyrean offers a more natural sound versus the LCD4. It all depends on your gear and what you are looking for. Finding the right flagship requires for you to know what you want.
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  6. mixman
    I would like to here an Aeolus, maybe that would be my fun headphone?

    Wish I could find the one "it" headphone that would be so much cheaper.......might actually be able to get a TT2? For me it's just going to take several HP's to suit all of the different types of music I listen to. This is why I can like the Empy and Verite equally. They each do a different job.

    Speaking of the Empy, I might try to hold out on reacquiring one until I can get the Black and Gold. I just love the looks.
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  7. betula
    I guess it is down to preference and individual needs. After all you can only have one pair of headphones on your head, can't you? Instead of owning 2-3 pairs around £1000 for different taste/mood/genre I decided to go for one TOTL pair that gives more technicality and pleasure than any £1000 pair of headphones do. I think I got lucky with the Empyreans as they are extremely versatile. While the HE100SE is awesome for orchestral music due to its spaciousness, the Verité is spectacular for jazz due to its lifelike intimacy, the Audeze LCD4 kills all flagships with bass heavy genres. The Empyrean is the most versatile from all of them. It is not as good as the genre specific flagship siblings in certain areas but it is definitely the best all-rounder flagship from all. And I listen to a variety of music genres, so for me the Empyrean is the deal.
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  8. mixman
    Ah yes, that sounds like a good collection of cans, but I don't really listen to Jazz nor Classical much. HEK are my spacious cans for Floyd some EDM, blues, acoustic. The Verite are great for metal, rock, dance, reggae. Empy or 4z would be for Hip Hop, Reggaeton, some EDM with deep bass. Now of course any can can be used for any music, but this is what I have gravitated to so far.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
  9. 518141
    The Chord TT2 + M Scaler is one of my dream setups for headphones. But especially the M Scaler have captured my interest. I´ve digitized my complete music library (+800gb) and stored it on a 2tb external hard drive. Most of my music is in 44.1 khz/ 16bit. The M Scaler allows me to scale up almost every of my music files to 705,6khz. In comparison to Chord Dave (164.000 tabs/2015) the M Scaler have incredible 1.015.808 Tabs. For me this is innovation and such a unique device. Great job Mr. Watts!
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
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  10. nick97
    Has anybody driven these with the dragonfly Cobalt? Serious question actually:dt880smile:
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  11. kumar402
    You can use it without any issues and will work perfectly fine. Only thing you may loose is wide soundstage, depth and slam of bigger amp. It’s not like you won’t get it out of cobalt but may not be of same level as bigger amp but that’s expected.
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  12. nick97
    Yeah that's fair, I appreciate the input I just want to make sure that they'll sound good. I have the LCD 4z right now and I wonder if the empyreans will be a bit easier to drive
  13. treebug
    Is anyone here using the Empyrean silver upgrade cable?
  14. FourT6and2
    It will work. But why? The Empyrean are easy to drive straight from a headphone jack of any device (laptop, phone, etc.). I have the Cobalt and honestly it's worthless. No sonic difference at all compared to just plugging straight into my laptop or phone. I bought the Cobalt because everybody says ohhhh you need a DAC blah blah blah. Well, no. You don't. Save your money.
  15. betula
    :face_palm: Then why waste money on the Empyrean when music is coming out from £100 headphones too?
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