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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. nwavesailor
    Everyone has different likes and hears differently..........so the Empy's are not for you. Enjoy the Raal!
  2. audioot
    Yes, thank you, it is not meant as criticism, but I experience the sound experience that way.
    Many will appreciate the Meze, but not me.
    With a tube amplifier I found them to be woolly and dull but with solid state amplifiers this was less but still present
  3. Jvincent
    At times I've noticed this. Really not a huge issue for me as a quick adjustment and they are good to go. Also seal Isn't near as important with these as some other headphones or IEM's.
  4. ken6217
    Which pads did you use?
  5. tradyblix
    I really would love to know which sub 1000 dollar headphone you think is better. That is a bit much. They’re wooly ? dull ? hmmm.
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  6. nwavesailor
    He obviously does not have your Hugo 2 (nor do I) but I did just add a Chord Qutest and GS-X mini.......FAR from Wooly & dull with these components paired with the Empy's! The Qutest is impressive.
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  7. ken6217
    As a wise man once said, don’t feed the trolls.
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  8. tradyblix
    the Qutest is essentially the dac section of a Hugo 2. And yeah, it's good.
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  9. up late
    fine, but seeing as you've chosen to criticise the utopia here then i'll respond. i think that there's more to the utopia than just "Double D two trick ponies......Detail and Dynamics". there's also its clarity, imaging and tonal balance, which immediately impressed me at audition and continues in ownership.
    headphones don't do soundstage imo. if i want that then i'll listen to loudspeakers. the hd800 and abyss have the most spacious presentations that i've heard from headphones but they also have their shortcomings imo. i found the hd800's sound signature too bright, thin and bass lite, while the abyss was too unwieldy to be a viable option for me. i find the utopia's "headstage" to be recording dependent, and its resolution doesn't sound forced to my ears. i can understand you preferring the stellia to the utopia if you like a warmer presentation with accentuated bass. i can also understand you preferring the empyrean for the same reasons.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
  10. nwavesailor
    I figured it is roughly a Hugo 2 w/o the amp section. Darn impressive I must say!
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  11. naynay
    Can any Empyrean users when wearing headphones if you shake your head side to side do you have any drop in sound?

    Trying to work out if the drop in sound is cable related or the headphone it only happens randomly so very hard to pinpoint.
  12. k3kz
    not 100% sure if I am doing what you mean, but i am shaking my head, no drops in sound.
  13. naynay
    Thank you K3Kz,

    I am leaning towards it being the cable i had re-terminated but it is not consistent so hard to confirm this.

    Using the supplied Meze Cable to see if this issue still occurs, but so far after 2 days of testing things have been fine.

  14. PopZeus
    Got to try the Empyrean at Festivus this past weekend and I loved them. Damn, really wasn't hoping to pine after a $3K headphone but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that I liked them so much.
  15. betula
    First impressions on my silver cable (Lavricables, 12 core, AWG28, solid silver 6N) with the Empyrean:

    The improvement is undeniable, although not huge. The question is what level of improvement is worth your money? The biggest and most obvious improvement is in overall clarity. Everything sounds cleaner, crisper. Everything is more separated. Like an ever so slightly thin layer of veil had disappeared.

    Perhaps this extra clarity is the most obvious improvement in treble detail. Percussion, little details up top are more obvious and clearly audible compared to the stock cable. Mids and vocals also sound cleaner, like lifting a thin warm layer from vocals in the studio. This also makes the vocals sound a little bit more forward, but I think that is just because of the extra clarity, they stand out more. You also loose a bit of bass warmth, the ever so slightly emphasised mid-bass of the Empyrean seems to be more in line with the rest of the bass response with the silver cable. It may initially feel that you loose 10% bass quantity, but you gain bass clarity, bass impact and dynamism which actually contribute to a much higher quality and more satisfying bass experience.

    This doesn't mean silver makes the Empyrean bright, not at all. Silver makes them sound a little cleaner and more spacious. I think some headphones benefit from silver cables, some don't. Empyrean and Audeze headphones definitely benefit from the extra clarity of silver. I don't think I would ever use silver with Beyers or Grados.

    Also this cable is much lighter than the stock one. Overall I am happy so far, although it is just my second day. The manufacturer says their cable need 100-150hrs burn in time. I am pretty sceptical with cables, even more sceptical with cable burn in time, but let's see what happens. If I decide to keep it, I might write a review later on with more detailed impressions.
    The improvements to the stock cable are not huge by any mean, but definitely audible. I would say it is a 10% overall improvement in clarity. Which is actually not that bad.

    To me so far silver doesn't make the Empyrean brighter, but cleaner and more neutral.
    IMG_20191008_171307737_PORTRAIT (1).jpg
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
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