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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. tradyblix
    I'm listening to the Empyrean through a Hugo2/TA-ZH1ES combo. It just takes the Hugo 2 to another level. It is absolutely fantastic sounding. And I know the Empyrean is a big part of it. It's like all the fluidity and preciseness of the chord and all of the warmth and analog bass of the tazzy.

    Listening to Anak Ko by Jay Som. Beautiful.
  2. thecrow
    I believe darko audio talks about the dave in his empyrean review on youtube
  3. strolee
    Thanks very much for the feedback!!
  4. strolee
    tradyblix - thanks for the Anak Ko recommendation....very nice!!
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  5. Art Garfunkel
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  6. k3kz
    Veeeery interesting! Do share your impressions, even just early ones. Been looking at exactly that cable :) i was worried about stiffness, and wondering how clear the difference in terms of sind signature might be...

    Same thing, excited to see how your opinion evolves. If the grand can keep up with the s3 that would be good news for me :)
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  7. BruceBan
    Hello...I am new to head-fi and currently own Meze Empyrean. I am also interested in ZMF Aeolus and wanted some expert opinions on how does these two headphones compare to one another in terms of sound and comfort.
    Any feedback is highly appreciated.
  8. Bonddam
    On the iCan I didn’t like the Aeolus. They don’t imo compliment the Empryean. Your better at looking at Verite. Current amp now is gsx mini. If you want warm sounding Verite over Aeolus being You are use to the openness of the Empyrean. I sold Aeolus for Verite and am very happy. I’m sure you will want more resolution too your sound.
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  9. BruceBan
    Thank you for the feedback.
  10. guitardave
    Error in post, please delete
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  11. Beagle
    Too funny!
  12. treebug
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  13. betula
    The cable will arrive in a few days, I will share my impressions. To be honest I am also a cable sceptic, but in some cases cables can bring improvement to my experience. I think it is very much system dependent how much improvement one can hear.

    I used to own a relatively good silver cable (Toxic cables) with my previous Audeze LCD2C headphones and once I did a blind test the difference was less obvious than I thought. Most of the times I was able to make a good guess, but sometimes I made a mistake. This made me question the worth of the cable.
    This might sound ridiculous, but I strongly recommend to do blind tests with cables and see how many times your guess is right.

    Another relevant cable experience of mine was the UM Mason V3 IEM which comes with a double magic 4 pin cable. Depending on how you connect the cables, you can use the copper or the silver. With these ($2700) IEMs I found the difference between copper and silver pretty obvious each time.

    Of course another equally acceptable reason for a cable upgrade is additional comfort. Sometimes this comfort alone is worth the extra 200-300-400...

    After my Toxic silver cable blind test with my LCD2C I am very sceptical with silver upgrade cables when it comes to sonic improvement. That is why I made a deal with the manufacturer. If I don't like the cable, I can send it back for full refund. (Only 2m long cables can be sent back with 6.3mm (1/4 inch) plug: just what I need.) In case I like a cable I will write a positive review for a partial refund. I think it is a fair deal and of course in case of a positive review this will be explained in the disclaimer.

    Anyway, you can read my negative or positive impressions soon either in the thread or as a review.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2019
  14. Dan Lee
    Darko did a review of the Empyrean paired with the Dave and found it to be one of his favorite headphone setups ever.

    @Bonddam @mixman and others in regard to the iFi iCAN Pro. The iCAN is certainly a fantastic SS amplifier with a good deal of power and options. I would imagine however that the Headamp GSX MK2 and Mini will overall sound more dynamic and transparent. That being said if you can afford to keep the iCAN it can be used as a preamp and volume control. I have used it as such and you get the dynamics and sound of the main amp while being able to still use the Xbass and 3d modes along with tube mode. Tube mode stock is nothing impressive, but if you are skilled enough to open the unit and roll some better and nicer tubes it will sound rather amazing.

    I am waiting to hear more reviews on the mini before I decide between that or the MK2. Most likely I will also get the iCAN to use as pre to the MK2 and or to my WA22. By the way though I have not tried the WA5 I can say the 22 is quite fantastic so long as you do not use the stock tubes cause they... well they just plain suck.
  15. FourT6and2
    Demoed both Empyrean and Utopia the other day. All I can say is it's a tough decision for me. I want both. They are very different headphones though. Listened through a Sennheiser HDV820 amp/dac. Not ideal since its output impedance is a little high for these headphones. But sounded good regardless. Utopia is clear and bright and snappy and dynamic. Empyrean is warm and lush. Better bass emphasis for my tastes. I like them each for different reasons.
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