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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. ls13coco
    Great write up, enjoyed reading that.. especially as the Empy are my main goal.
    I do wonder if you've found much for comparisons to the nicely priced Arya, just for the sake of seeing what differences are perceived (brighter for sure).

    The Abyss Phi CC does sell for a pretty good price used, though, so I would like to see that compared to the Empy too.
    No way am I buying any Abyss new, especially with my currently lowly Canadian dollar.. but the used prices I've seen on the CC (I know, not TC) are a much easier pill to swallow. :)
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  2. Jwakeford
    By the way guys, just putting it out there, I am selling my pair of Empyrean in mint condition. My priorities have changes and can not really justify owning such luxury as I am unemployed currently.
    I am asking 2400 Euros for them.
    Cheers :beyersmile:

    70424151_10220778391109854_7831165130955030528_n.jpg 70650018_10220778392269883_1484777315282976768_n.jpg 70987058_10220778392069878_4652362262118400000_n.jpg 70467323_10220778391629867_1910818155282825216_n.jpg 70679354_10220778391349860_6012721560316542976_n.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  3. betula
    I tried the Ananda and the HE6. To my ears and taste they both were far behind the Empy. I owned the HEXV2 too.
    IMO if someone is looking for a very spacious sound presentation, HiFiMan can be the ticket... I personally always missed focus and bass impact with them, whether it was Ananda, HE1000SE or HEXV2...
    I am still curious to try the Arya though, even if build quality-wise they look like £300 headphones. Sound quality-wise they must worth their price. I think they are probably the best bet if you don't want to spend more than £1000-1500.
    Abyss is way too expensive and you need powerful high-end amps to drive them.
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  4. 518141
    The overall package of the Empyrean in terms of sound quality, comfort, design is worldclass, that`s for sure. This headphone turns the blood of every audiophile to ice. Some famoust audio journals in germany and europe have highly praised them.

    But Mr. Betula you`ve forgot a new player on the table!

    8. RAD-O
  5. betula
    I am interested in RAD-0, they must sound fabulous. They still weight quite a lot though (550g+). And tbh I doubt they are that much different to LCD4. $2600 is pretty much £2600 when it reaches UK or the continent. They seem like pretty, customisable, more affordable LCD4 alternatives.

    Rad0 or Abyss for instance are much harder to buy (and sell) in Europe than Meze.
  6. 518141
    The weight is higher over 620g+. On their site they`ve described their headphones as lightweight. It´s ridiculous.

    The drivers are completely different. The LCD4 driver is made by audeze and has a impedance of 200ohms. Rosson Audio have just bought their drivers and the impedance is 29ohms. I would bet that this both headphones sounds different.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
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  7. betula
    I am pretty sure Alex had access to all Audeze design when he left the company and the LCD4z has only 15ohm impedance. Impedance of course is pretty much meaningless these days. In the reviews I read the RAD-0 is very comparable to the LCD4, although different tuning. It would be good to know why Alex has decided to leave Audeze after this many years. RAD-0 is a nice try for sure, despite the weight. I hope one day I can audition them.
  8. 518141
    I have to admit that I like the look of the RAD-O but at this point this headphone is just a boutique headphone for me. Meze decided to tell everybody that their drivers are made by rinaro. Apart from that they`ve designed a great product. I`ll buy empyrean. Great job, Mr. Meze!

    And it`s not only the impedance, the drivers of RAD-O are significant smaller.
  9. LCMusicLover
    Well, I get what you're saying, but what about:

    ZMF Verite
    Rosson Audio RAD-0
    Senn HD-800(s)
    Grado PS-2000e
    Audio-Technica ADX-ATH5000
    Denon D7200

    Also, I own both Empy & E2 and I'd say your dismissal of E2 is based on (3rd party) opinions some (including me obviously) would dispute. E2 seems to be a pretty divisive product, with some folks vehemently supporting them while others dismiss them out of hand. To my ears, E2 is as technically competent as Empy, but with a different tuning, and a wildly different headstage.

    Bottom line, no one can dispute your price comparisons, but the whole 'sounds better/best' argument is really based on personal preferences. Go post what you said about Utopia vs Empy on that forum -- I suspect you'll get some pretty vigorous disagreement.
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  10. Dobrescu George
    RAD-0 is very different from LCD-4 and empyrean

    It really dpeends on what you're looking for in music

    RAD-0 - utmost musicality, really really fluid sound, smooth, flowing, excellent bass, pretty much a dream headphone in both bass and midrange, just sweet, rich, without being too thick, it is simply A DREAM. The treble is on the smooth side.

    LCD-4 - tones things down a bit, but sounds more neutral. Has better treble

    Empyrean - Again, better treble than RAD-0, as in, more sparkly.

    Overall, it really depends what you're looking for in music.

    Muscality, it is RAD-0>LCD4>Empyrean
    Detail level it is LCD4>Empyrean>RAD-0
    Soundstage is Empyrean>LCD4>RAD-0

    Really would recommend testing those before getting either, it will be a personal thing and I suspect you'll see almost instantly which you like better. YOU, personally.
  11. betula
    It is all personal preference at this level isn't it? I think I used the terms 'to my ears', 'to my preference' enough in my post.

    To me, HD800 is too bright, 800s is better but still a bit bright, and doesn't have the planar bass impact I like. Pretty much all dynamic drivers loose in this regard including the bright Grado and AT 5000. The D7200 is a good closed back but can't touch the ball in this game.
    Verite is up there with the rest I mentioned in my previous post, again, it is all personal preference.
  12. LCMusicLover
    I think this is really dependent on personal preference and musical genre. I don't own and have little experience with LCD4, but my version of your table would be:

    Muscality: Blackwood Auteur>RAD-0~=Empyrean>HEKv2~=Ether 2>Utopia
    Detail: Utopia>Blackwood Auteur~=HEKv2>Empyrean~=RAD-0~>Ether 2
    Soundstage: HEKv2>Ether 2>RAD-0~>Empyrean~>Blackwood Auteur (impossible to compare Utopia stage)

    And I add:

    Deadphone: Blackwood Auteur>>RAD-0>(all the others)
    Neutrality: HEKv2~>RAD-0~>Utopia~=Blackwood Auteur>Ether 2~=Empy

    >> way better than
    > better than
    ~> slightly better than
    ~= about the same

    Deadphone: Headphones for listening to the Grateful Dead.

    Neutrality: I hear HEKv2 as very neutral, RAD-0 as slightly bright, Utopia and Blackwood Auteur as about the same amount of 'somewhat bright of neutral'. And I hear Empy and Ether 2 as about equally far from neutral, but in very different directions.

    Note that most of my listening is to alt-rock, alt-folk, alt-country with a lot of acoustic music, and a lot of vocals. A fair amount of classic prog rock (Genesis, Supertramp, Ambrosia, ELP, ELO) and classic rock in general (Neil Young, Santana, Beatles, Jethro Tull). Plus folks like Loreena McKennit, Ray LaMontagne, The Bad Plus, Gretchen Peters, Van Morrison, and (of course) The Grateful Dead. No (or not much) metal, rap, hip-hop, grunge. I like my music to be ... musical :)

    Point here isn't what music I like, but rather that preference for equipment is driven by both my ears and the type of music I listen to. So a can which sounds great to you with your favorite music might suck for me with mine, and vice versa.

    For example, you rate sound stages as Empy better than LCD4 better than RAD-0. To me, Empy has a very lush, enveloping headstage, but I don't hear it as precise/resolving as most of my other cans -- instruments and voices seem a bit 'smeared'. Conversely, I struggle to even rate the Utopia stage. It's unbelievably precise (THAT instrument, RIGHT THERE). but also very compact. So it's great and terrible at the same time, since I really prefer an open, airy headstage. I rate RAD-0 stage better than Empy because I hear it as more precise and more open/airy.
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  13. mixman
    Ha, the term "Musicality" should just be translated to say......."I like the way it sounds"! It is the most subjective term used in here. Some believe the HD800 is highly musical, some think it is not musical at all, but way too analytical and so forth..........................
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  14. LCMusicLover
    I completely agree.
    Yes, but...you started with:

    Why the Empyrean is the best headphone under £3000 in 2019?

    Pretty absolute, right? Had you started with:

    Why the Empyrean is the best headphone under £3000 for me in 2019?

    ...I never would have responded. Anyway, I'll shut up now :)
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  15. 518141
    You are just advertising them. Praying bubbles! The technical basics are worst. Mr. hippie george you are just not critical!
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
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