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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. ken6217
    True except that’s not the argument. He’s saying that you abound only listen to the Empyrean on equipment that costs as much as the headphone.

    Not everyone can afford that money on source equipment plus the Empy. So to what you had said, people should hear opinions of listening to lesser expensive source equipment with these headphones so they know also how it will sound.

    Maybe they saved in a tapped out just fine headphone and a force to listen to something up to the “quality” of a $3k source.

    Not only that, I can guarantee you that $3000 headphones and a crap source will sound better than a $3000 source and crap headphones.
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  2. jlbrach
    Crap source or crap headphones will sound like crap
  3. ken6217
    You’re missing the theory. Your dollar will go farther with headphones then with source equipment. Same goes with speakers.

    Also the cost isn’t necessarily a factor in the ultimate sound. Since Chord products was part of the conversation, I can tell you for me personally I wouldn’t listen to Hugo if it was given to me for free. I totally dislike that type of sound. Just like I wouldn’t listen to Utopia headphones if they were given to me for free. That’s me, and I’m sure you have your opinion, and 20 other people probably have theirs as well.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
  4. mixman
    Dude, stop! I was not addressing you. As it is, you have already done enough to hurt your beloved Empyrean as it is. I am sure Antonio Meze is doing this by now.......:face_palm::raised_hand:.
    I can see potential buyers now saying the Empyrean are now the snob's headphones of choice. It would have been better just to say the Emp's will scale up and their sound will improve with better gear. Even that would be a Captain Obvious statement as that stands true for most if not all the TOTL headphones.
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  5. betula
  6. LCMusicLover
    Name-calling and bickering aside, this is actually an interesting debate. It seems there are two propositions:

    1. A TOTL source chain must be used to properly evaluate TOTL headphones

    I see both sides of this.

    Given that most TOTL headphones are revealing of the source chain driving them, an ‘inferior’ chain can easily lead to inaccurate reviews, attributing flawed sound to the cans when the flaws actually originate ‘upstream’. I also suspect that such reviews tend to reduce the differences between ‘similar’ cans.

    On the other hand, reviews of headphones as driven by (dare I say) esoteric equipment which the vast majority of listeners will never approach can result in reviews which highlight strengths or flaws in cans which most listeners will never hear.

    I believe that reviews which describe the performance of cans out of a range of source chains are most useful. Luckily, most formal reviews take this approach.

    2. TOTL headphones driven by an ‘inferior’ (mid-fi?) chain will sound ‘better’ than inferior headphones driven by a TOTL source chain

    I firmly agree with this proposition, although those supporting the negative side would certainly argue that l can’t express a meaningful opinion given that my source chain is nowhere near ‘TOTL’. The good news is that once my DSHA-3F comes in I’ll only need to spend $10k more on (say) a Dave to reach TOTL :)
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  7. betula
    Finally someone who seems to understand my points and instead of sinking into a personal mud of debate represents a clear and objective perspective. I agree with everything you have said.
  8. ken6217
    Sounds like revisionist history. This was not your take as he has eloquently detailed. Your take was very simple: Empyrean headphones must be driven out of top-of-the-line source gear only. Don’t go back and change your original argument.

    Regarding personal attacks, I believe you said:

    “With some financial discipline you can get here too and perhaps that will ease your bitterness for all of our sake”

    To say that the headphones will sound their best with the best equipment, is of course a true statement. However to say that no one should buy them if they can’t afford to have source equipment that cost just as much as the Empyrean is absurd. It comes off as elitist. You may not agree with it, and think it’s a personal attack, but it’s not. This is how I read it.

    There are a lot of people on this forum that cannot afford expensive equipment. How do you think they feel reading what you say? I'm turned off by it, and I CAN afford it.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  9. thecrow
    While we are at it... I’m thinking of buying a smart phone.

    Anyone have a good or strong idea whether android or apple phones are the better option?

  10. up late
    i don't think that your posts have been twisted or misinterpreted as you have made your position on this topic abundantly clear. your position has been challenged, however, which is hardly surprising.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  11. acguitar84
    And heck, who decides what the top equipment is? To test the Empy's or Focals or other flagships? Is it determined by price only? If anyone here has read through the Life after Yggdrasil thread it was going up against much higher end DACs and holding it's own. Heck, I've seen posters that bought TOTL (as determined by price) headphones only to sell them and return to their mid line Headphones the same with Dac's or Amps. It is a fun hobby, but can also be a confusing/frustrating one at times as well. We just have to find out what works for each of us I guess.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  12. up late
    this debate is an old chestnut amongst audiophiles. only the product names have changed.
  13. wht
    From my listening experience, I agree with you.
  14. Bonddam
    well I know the empys will sound amazing on gsx mini that I ordered and its less then empys. By gosh people loved the suavaras on the gsx mini and their even way more.
  15. Bonddam
    Look at Tekton Designs how their speakers beat out the competition with even higher classed speaker companies for way less. Zeos loved the Empys using a 789. I know it's zeos, but he liked it.
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