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Nov 2, 2015
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Hello, lovely people of Head-Fi!

We're happy to announce that starting today, we've launched a special promo campaign, to sweeten the end of 2020:
RAI Penta + 1 Free upgrade cable of your choice

Rai Penta is the first IEM we developed and ever since its launch, it received quite a handful of awards, for its finely tuned sound signature. Featuring 5 drivers (4BAs and 1 DD) that complete each other perfectly, the Rai Penta is all about detail, organic tonality, and seamless fit.

Meze Audio RAI Penta FREE Cable 1200x628px.jpg

You can now get one free silver plated upgrade cable with every RAI Penta purchase. Available options are:
- Balanced 2.5 mm rhodium plated
- Balanced 4.4 mm gold plated

This way, you can save $149 and pair the RAI Penta with your favorite setup!

For additional information, click here.
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Nice, however frankly this should have been an option from day one as Rai Penta is not a low tier IEM and the vast majority of DAP's offer more performance via the balanced port. TBH if paying four figure's for an IEM or HP I rather expect the basic cables to be in the box in the first place, given that Rai Penta is not aimed at the average consumer.

This is a good gesture, equally please consider for future products that for many your selling an incomplete package as we are compelled to upgrade the single ended cable to get the best out of the player and IEM. Sometime having to factor in the cost of yet another cable can tilt the balance, sadly it did with me...

Thx for your consideration...


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