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Meze 99 Neo Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mezeteam, Mar 15, 2017.
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  1. xxAMAROKxx
  2. VShaft
    I also got the 99 Neo during the Black Friday sale. Some months later, I just wanted to give another +1 to the PU/hybrid pads for the 99 Neo. They change the sound in a very, very positive way.

    With the stock pads, I found the sound... well, a mixed bag. The quality on the whole was evident, these were some very capable headphones. But on some recordings, much to my dismay, the was just a whole lot of mud due to the overwhelming bass. The PU/hybrids made for a much more enjoyable listening experience: the bass is definitely tamed, and the rest of the frequencies "come out", so to speak.

    Note #1: I also have the Sonarworks True-Fi app which is supposed to "neutralize" the frequency response of selected headphones. The headphones were measured with stock pads, so you need to have them for the EQ to be accurate. However, I like the sound more with the PU/hybrids compared to the stock pads + True-Fi.

    Note #2: If you don't have these pads, I've found that a similar change in sound is achieved with the EQ preset for the 99 Classics with new pads (available here) applied to the 99 Neo.
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  3. Bansaku
    So I was watching one of my favourite YouTube channels when a clip of Onision Onionboy popped up wearing a pair of 99 Neo. Never have I been more disgusted, made me sick. I truly hope he purchased them with his own money and were not sent to him by Meze. My love for Meze goes far, but I do have moral limits...
  4. rafaelo
    So after almost two months using the new velour pads I would like to provide an update.

    These pads collect some extra fluff in comparison with the sennheiser velour pads.
    Also you may like the change in sound signature or you may not but for me now the Neo is a totally different headphone.

    I like it a lot and since I cannot use my other open headphones due to family constraints I am exclusively listen to them the last two months.

    I do not care if 58x, 6xx or 4xx are better because simply I cannot use them where I can use my neo. With the new pads any criticism is due to ommision in comparison to a better headphone and not due to any offensive flaw.

    As my previous balanced cable became faulty I decided to buy the original Meze balanced cable under the fifty percent discount. I still find 50£ a lot for a cable but from a brief listening today I can say that it deserves every penny. In combination with my beloved xCan the sound is amazing!!!

    I am also happy to see Meze introducing a reasonable shipping cost option to UK! Well done!

    Now I am looking forward for Meze original special tuned velour pads that will make full justice to the beloved 99 series which unquestionably deserves.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  5. JuanLuis91
    What pads are you using?
  6. Mhog55
    Yes, which pads are you currently using? And where did you hear that Meze is releasing these new pads you mention? So are they the same as the Classics originals, only velour?
  7. rafaelo
    Sorry guys if I was not clear but I was following on a previous conversation:

    1) Brainwavz Replacement Memory Foam Earpads velour pads

    2) we hope they release velour pads based on our feedback I do not know if they will ever do, hopefully they will do at some point
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  8. louderup
    I love the sound of these headphones for the price but honestly I can't stand using them. The metal part of the headband makes noise/resonates every time the band underneath touches it. You can't really hear it when listening to music, but any time you wear the headphones with no sound playing, it's there, and it's really annoying. If I even open my mouth all the way to yawn, that's enough to cause friction between the two parts and make the noise. Moving around, head on a pillow, it's even worse. I can't use a pair of headphones that drives me nuts whenever sound isn't playing. It's a shame because I think the sound it really well-tuned for what it's going for, and pretty spacious for a closed-back.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
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  9. ThEvil0nE
    FDF689F6-C21D-42A2-82BB-F73509B2DC46.jpeg Picked up the 99 Neo + balance cable for $150 at AXPONA 2019. Thank you Meze Audio!!!
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