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Meze 99 Neo Amp/Dac recommendations

  1. Woee
    I want to ask for some Amp/Dac recommendations of more competent music listeners (than me :D).
    I bought Meze 99 Neo almost a month ago and pairing them with LG v30+ improved my music listening from what I had before significantly. (I use Tidal Hi-Fi, listen mostly to rock and metal).
    So the question is, do I need more power than just LG v30 to unleash the full potential of Meze 99 Neo?
    Or what should I buy to make my PC able to drive them properly? (b150m chipset Motherboard and nothing more audio equipment related for now).
    Amount I`m willing to spend is ~250USD.
    Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
  2. surfgeorge
    In that price range the AudioQuest Dragonfly red is highly regarded and would fit both use cases, with the phone and the PC.
    If you want to go more in the direction of Chinese products, the Sabaj DA3 looks good on paper and got some positive reviews.
  3. Woee
    Thank you, will definitely test Dragonfly red.
    But can I get more out of money in terms of sound buying separate Dac/Amp (lets suppose ****stack or smth else) or it doesn`t really matter with my budget headphones?
  4. surfgeorge
    More based on my engineering background and my beliefs I'd say that DAC and Amp need to match, since a DAC/Amp basically combines digital signal processing, digital to analog conversion, filtering and amplification.
    Within your budget I'd assume that you'll get better value with a DAC/Amp.

    Other contenders I'd look at include the Oppo HA-2SE and maybe Hidizs DH-1000

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