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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. Dragonmilenario
    Has anyone received the new small pads from the Meze website? How are they?

    Im curious.
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  2. abirdie4me
    Thanks. This is me right now, sitting at gate about to board. Guess I'll know soon enough! 20190521_202705.jpg
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  3. menuki
    They ship with the Noir's so I own them as well. Compared to the usual old pads which are shipped alongside, the new pads have a more high quality memory foam, are more comfortable, but the driver touches the ear a bit, still more comfy than the original ones. They bring out the mids and highs a bit, for some the highs may become a bit too much if they're used to the other signature, to me they just sound more balanced with the new pads. :) You may want to also check out the graph here which shows the frequency response of both pads:

  4. dissembled
    What headphones would be an upgrade to the Classics would you guys wager? I do like that the Noirs have bass and mids in spades, resulting in a meaty signature with vocals in the forefront though I do think that treble could be better emphasized.

    I'm thinking of purchasing the B&O H6 2nd Generation. Gauging from reviews I've read, it has clarity in spades which I like though vocals isn't too emphasized which I don't like. It does still tempt me though, so I ask: is the $300 plunge worth it?
  5. PopZeus
    As a recent owner of a used pair of the Audeze LCD2c, I can safely say that the tuning (or soundstage/imaging for that matter) isn't the same but the overall warmth, detail and dynamic upgrade makes some sense as a path to stepping up. Otherwise, there are headphones like the Aeon Flow Closed, ZMF Atticus or similarly pricey headphones. I guess that's my roundabout way of saying in order to get a significant boost in quality along the same lines as the Meze 99 Classics means a similar leap in price.

    That said, if you're into IEMs, the Final Audio E5000 make an excellent in-ear companion to the Meze 99 Classics. The overall sound quality of the E5000 is bit more refined than the Classics in pretty much every way other than soundstage and treble extension. For an IEM, it will require a surprising amount of power compared to the Meze (though the Shanling M5s will more than suffice).
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
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  6. Mhog55
    I would consider the H6 as more of a side grade than an upgrade. I've been pondering a 99 closed back upgrade, but I think I'd have to spend more money than I'd like to accomplish that. Currently I'm looking into the E-mu Teaks. Again, likely more of a side grade.
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  7. bcaulf17
    I too would consider the H6 a sidegrade. If you already own the 99 I don’t think I would bother with the H6 even though it is great. Yes, it does have more clarity. In fact what I like about them is that they sound so pure and clean and transparent. They paint a good picture of how the music should sound. But with that means bright/thin recordings can sound like that on the H6. The Meze is better at making everything sound good with that warm and natural tonality. The H6 is a little more analytical but not in a fatiguing/boring way. And you’re kind of right about the vocals. I wouldn’t say they’re pushed back in the mix but I’m not a huge fan of their tonality; they could stand to sound a little fuller and warmer but they do ok. At least they are very smooth. But they don’t have that sense of realism/naturalness the Meze and the HD6XX provide. Also, I don’t think I would drop $300 for the H6. I’m not sure if this is still the case but people are generally able to find it less than the MSRP. I got mine at the B&O store for $250.

    If you’re looking for a closed back upgrade, one of the Fostex variants might be the next level up but I would actually look into the DT 177X Go. It doesn’t ship until September but if this headphone turns out to be good it could be the upgrade I too have been looking for, and it’s already gotten a few very good reviews.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
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  8. iFi audio
    Awwww. Not that big of a loss, though. It could've been worse.
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  9. Ash Hayes
    Has anyone tried listening to this song with the Meze 99 classics (or noir) ...

    The Spotify version may be better. Although I don’t have the link.

    I used to listen to this with the Oppo PM3 and it sounded incredible. Curious how it sounds on the 99s.

    I have ordered the Meze 99 Noir from Massdrop but still waiting for them to arrive.
  10. abirdie4me
    Well, it was a fun experiment but I won't be wearing the 99s in airports / airplanes anymore. WAAAYYYY too much outside noise bleeds through, ruins the whole experience. Also...cables.

    On the flight home I went back to my Sony wh-1000xm3, and although I've grown to NOT like the sound signature of the xm3 (too much bloated bass), they are really good at noise cancelling and actually sound better in noisy environments than they do in a quiet environment. Also..no cables. Going wireless while travelling is pretty much a must from now on, the convenience factor far outweighs sound improvements.

    Still love the Meze around the house directly out of my LG V35, so it will still share head-time with my Utopia at my desktop.
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  11. Ash Hayes
    Just received the 99 Noirs. Is it just me or do the smaller pads that are supplied as spares sound so much better than the larger ones that come pre-installed?
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  12. bcaulf17
    It’s not just you.
  13. Ash Hayes
    These 99s definitely have more bass than both the Oppo PM3 and Hifiman HE400S I owned previously.

    I imagine it will take a little getting used to.
  14. iFi audio
    Due to many extensive hardware testing days years back, we know this song far more than we'd like to :ksc75smile:
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  15. abirdie4me
    I put the small pads on about 5 minutes after getting the Noir, and the large pads will never go back on. I've never had a pad swap make that big of a difference, especially pads that are so similar.
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