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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. dwinnert
  2. sauronmordor756
    Hey would you have happened to have also tried the MSR7 pads and the Brainwavz sheepskin pads with the Meze 99s. If so how were they and how did they affect the headphones. Also how did the dekoni earpads affect the vocals and imaging
  3. sauronmordor756
    Which pads are you considering?
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
  4. Hazi59
    Msr7 pads created a treble cannon seashell effect. Some people may like that sound, but not me. I prefer warm sounding cans with treble integrity still in tact. A hard feat to pull off without spending a lot of money (Audeze LCD-2 for the win).

    Hm5 pads are all too big. They fit, but very loosely and don't stay flush. The sound differences with the Dekoni Elite sheepskin ATH-M50X pads create greater treble clarity by a few modest db...2 to 4 at most...but the distortion of the low end is improved with the pads, so the separation improved and clarity was the result. Basically, the treble is easier to hear and there isn't a bloated lump of low end impacting the mids and treble. The bass is still there and upfront, but the mids and treble no longer are riding in the trunk...they've moved up to the backseat, inching closer to the front seat so to speak.

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  5. sauronmordor756
    How would you describe the treble seashell effect? How were the mids with the MSR7. Also do you have any of the pads for sale? Also which pads were the most like the original
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
  6. Hazi59
    That Treble seashell effect sounded like something out of a nightmare. Sharpness that pierced my eardrums, even at lower listening levels. However, some people are into self induced sadism. The mids and lows were non existent, only Satan's Treble of doom bloom. I don't sell pads, I collect them for the purposes of fixing issues such as this. It has been a useful practice as I have been able to salvage headphones that I would have given up on and sold had it not been for a pad swap (comfort and sound signature have to be on equal footing). Only a few headphones I have ever owned have not been able to be saved by a pad swap (ATH-M50X, any model of Sennheiser, Ultrasone HFI-780).

  7. dwinnert
    You should get tinnitus like I spent years getting. It gets rid of those pesky highs. :L3000:
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  8. koover
    Sorry man, never saw this until catching up in thread.
    I have no clue on tubes for your particular amp. It’s uses completely different variants of tubes so I’d be no use to you. Now if you need recommendations on 6922/2c51 or 6n3p’s?.....I could help.
  9. sauronmordor756
    How were the Dekoni when compared with the original small pads. Also how were the mids and vocals on the Dekoni
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  10. uncletim
    The Dekoni Audio Elite Sheepskin Ear Pads for Audio Technica ATHM50X are a bit larger than the 3rd gen stock pads?

    the 3rd gen does not really touch my ear, I was just hoping for a bit more room.

    unless I missed 4th gen stock pads?
  11. sauronmordor756
    Oh I was talking about the original stock pads you heard at your cousins
  12. Phronesis
    I tried the 99 Classics for a couple weeks and decided to buy them. The shop didn't have them in stock and I had to wait two weeks to get them. Meanwhile, I listened to the LCD-i4 and LCD-3, and wondered if the 99 Classics wouldn't sound as good as I remembered. Turns out they don't - they sound better than I remember! I still think the bass is somewhat loose and lacking articulation, but the overall tonal balance is good, detail is good without harshness, voices sound natural, and snare drums have a nick realistic crack. Overall, I haven't heard anything I like better for under $750.
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  13. Hazi59
    I actually prefer the LCD-2 over the LCD-3, LCD-4 and LCD-X. Call me crazy , but my LCD-2 must be one of those magical versions that sound great.

    That being said, I prefer my Modhouse Audio Argons and TH-X00 Mahogany's over the Meze 99 Classics , but they are indeed a great headphone.
  14. sauronmordor756
    Was this with or without the new larger earpads?
  15. Phronesis
    Not sure, I just got them yesterday, and the earpads seem to be the same as what I demoed. I'd prefer larger earpads which don't put pressure on my ears, but I have no interest in changing the pads, since that could adversely change the sound.
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