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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. bigtim
    The Brainwavz Sheepskin Memory Foam pads definitely help in this regard. There's been lots of pad swapping in this thread and others have a preference for different pads but there are alternatives :)
  2. Bascule
    Slightly OT - but have ordered some 12 Classics today, for when I'm out walking. Looking forward to them! I do a little recording (nothing flash, audiobook type stuff, stories for the grandkids etc) and usually have my HD650s connected to the Focusrite interface when recording (I know, opens, whatever) - tried the 99 classics this week for the fun of it and vastly prefer them for that too! dammit. I now have to keep unplugging them from the main system.
    Still got my eye on the LCD2Classics as the likely next phones at a semi-sensible price.. though I keep looking at refurb LCD-X too.. still want a decent DAP too.. omg will this ever end...
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  3. HungryPanda
  4. superuser1
  5. Lurk650
    As BigTim said, Sheepskin Brainwavz Ovals. Love them on mine.
  6. rafaelo
    Classics 12 are great too!!! Amazing value for money. For 24£ more than the soundmagic e10c they are on the law of ...increasing returns .

    With the included memory foam tip I have the illusion that it sounds like an open headphone...
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  7. Amigozszz
    I have hiby r6 with 99c they sound great, at the begining wad too analitical but hoby burned in and noe its wonderfull!!! Got mine from indiego for 400 eur
  8. sofastreamer
    i have the akg k872 and the t5p mkII for testing right now. you should give both a try. like them much better than lcd-xc. still have to try the sony z1r. from what i read, it could be my endgme closed back, as i am more into smooth, rich sound with huge out of the head projection. which the beyer and the akg deliver as i never heard bevore from a closed back, but maybe the sony miight be even better in this regard.
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  9. rafaelo
    I am going probably for ifi xDSD. I have high expectations for this combination...
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  10. iFi audio
    Something tells us that you won't be dissapointed...
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  11. Phronesis
    Thanks, will do. We seem to have a similar preference on sound signature.
  12. Lurk650
    Spoke with David again today, ordered the Meze connectors for $25 shipped to him. A customer decided to cancel their ViaBlue EPC-4 Silver cable when it was 85% completed, so he's giving it to me for a slight discount, just needs to swap on Meze connectors
  13. Zenrap518
    Put the earpads under books for 2 days and the sound didn't change, but they also don't seem like they broke in at all.... I'll try using the bigger pads for a couple months to manually break them in but if that doesn't work, I might just put the PSB pads back on for the reduced mid-bass, though the comfort isn't as good.
  14. Bansaku
    This may sound silly, but put the pads in your pants pockets (preferably tight jeans) and go about your business for a couple of days. Brute pressure alone won't break in the pads, whereas heat and mechanical motion does wonders.

  15. bluebair
    Anyone have some original small pads for the meze 99 classics, I will gladly take them off your hands...

    I bought these after watching reviews saying how amazingly balanced they were. Little did I know the pads were changed and now I basically have V-moda m100s. I sold my V-moda m100s to get something more balanced. Dissapointing :c
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