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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. uncletim
    1060? Sorry, not hip
  2. Mark Up
    The AEON Flow Open will get serious testing at CanJam 2018 for me. They've a decent return policy (a 5 or 10% restock fee). They have a bit less low sub bass, being open, but arguably among the best bass responses folks talk about hearing on an open pair. Many liken its mids to the HD650, and it's said to have a "sparkle" up top, so it's not LCD-2 dull, smeary, but considerably less sharp than the razor blade response of the TH900. Google InnerFidelity Aeon Flow Open for Tyll's review, they're now his favorite under $1000 pair. Regarding Meze 99 you should consider the $15 ATH-MSR7 black pads on Amazon. It keeps all you like in the sound, just adding nice sub bass and giving your ears more space.

    I tried their newest planar, the one that's one size smaller, with elongated pads. Fit was okay, sound a big let down. It has that smeary treble lacking detail, the overcooked mids many planars have, decent low mids and mid bass that is flat, and accurate, and while it has some sub bass - it rolls off, especially under 50 hz, it's said to be 90% like the 1060 without what many call a horrible high midrange ringing the 1060 is notorious for, look it up. They created an entire complex "Fuzzor" mod to tame it. I cannot recommend those.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017
  3. Shane D
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Shane D
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  4. koover
    Damn. After watching tyll’s review, I’m sold. They seem to be EVERYTHING I’m looking for. Better bass then LCD, on par or better then 650 mids amd a sparkle at top. Love the tuning pads too. This is a done deal. Didn’t even think of these.
    Regards and thanx bro!
  5. Mark Up
    No problem. The LCD series to me has always been overpriced and too heavy to enjoy. I never found the "bass slam" they talk about. Fast bass is fine but if there's little going on under 40 hz, I'm not really going to notice how fast it is there. Mr Speakers seems determined not to allow that in his cans. The tuning pads are a really nice bonus included there.
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  6. koover
    As an FYI, I jumped on the Aeon flow opens. They look like they’re everything I’m looking for. Should be a really nice compliment to the TH900, Meze 99 classic and a few others I own. Thanx for the heads up and suggestions. Pretty happy now with my current line-up ONCE I get to hear the AFO.
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  7. FredA
  8. Mark Up
    I did a "big head mod" on mine. Using a special (but easily found on Google) Tor X 6 (or whatever it's called) tiny screwdriver thing I took off the strap and holders. Currently all that is there are the metal hoops, that I can gently bend to elongate them (as my head is more long than wide, but at 6'5" it's still wider than average). Padding isn't an issue for me, as I have thick hair at my crown, but they are even more light weight now. Just put the ATH-MSR7 pads on, and they will reduce the resonance in the lower mids and upper bass and a bit of mid bass, keeping the low subs and increasing the high end just a little bit still keeping them very smooth.
  9. tili
    which pads did you try on them? i need something that only lowers the upper bass not touching the sub or treble
  10. Saeglopur
    I'm having pressure point issues. For me they put too much pressure just above and a little behind my ears, does anyone have any solutions for this? I was thinking different pads but I'm not sure that would fix where the pressure is
  11. Llermo

    I've finally recieved my new meze 99c. First impresions are really good, but i find the bass too boomy for me. Use EQ with the recomendations in this thread work for me and now I have the bass controlled.

    Now I'll play with the pads. I've the braiwavz ones and will post my impressions soon.

    I'm planning to buy a cayin n5II and I want to but a balanced cable for the 99c, but the official ones costs 150/200!! I've some questions:

    There are two official meze balanced cables. Someone knows the difference between them?

    I also own a final audio sonorous VI. The official cables work with them? If yes maybe I can make an effort.

    Is there any other cheaper options? In the cayin n5II trhead recommend me an alternative, but the seller doesn't ship to my country..

    Thanks in advance for your help
  12. superuser1
    The two "official" cables are copper and silver plated AFAIK.

    You could try amazon japan, they have some balanced cables for the 99c for $60.
  13. Llermo
    Ok, I'll check amazon for an alternative cable.

    I don't know much about cables. Is there much difference between the two official cables in terms of sound?

  14. erich6
    I recommend you give the Meze's some time before you mod them. I also found the bass too boomy when I first got them but after many hours of play the bass settled in nicely and now I find the stock configuration tonality to be perfect (for me).
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  15. koover
    I couldn’t agree more.
    I’ve done absolutely nothing to them including pads and think they’re sublime in their sound.
    I truly mean it that if I could only keep 1 set of HP’s from what I currently own, I’d be hard pressed to not strongly consider these to be the one and only. I still haven’t received my AFO yet so that will be determined in a few days.
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