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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. koover
    Hey guys, Question

    I’ve read most of this thread but I really don’t remember nor do I want to go back and read all over again. I know, the search button is my friend if that though crosses your mind. See above.

    Can anyone compare the 99 classics to the Audeze LCD2 or 3?

    I own the 99’s but need a comparison to buy a complimentary HP.
  2. PinkyPowers
    If you like the 99C, you will almost certainly love the LCD-2. Their tuning shares a lot of similarities.
  3. koover
    Awesome pinky. That’s good to know as I absolutely love the classics. Tje LCD2 is a HP I’ve always had my eyes on and 1 of the many I need to decide which one I’ll pull the trigger on. Man I got some decisions!
    Thanx a lot bro!
  4. Mark Up
    First Edition Meze 99 Classic on tour. Remarkable clear highs, flat accurate mids, great lows, not enough sub bass. Ear pads too small, and shallow. The current Meze 99 Classic and Meze 99 Neo pads are larger, ears will still touch drivers but just barely, and this caused controversial changes for some. Classic has way too much bass, for many, Meze has slightly less, but mid bass emphasis, that can sound bad on some songs, gets worse with break in. I did the Neo tour and the well broken in pair had that issue. I swapped to ATH-MSR7 pads, solved ears touching and mid bass bloom resonance issues. Bought brand new Neo. Out of the box perfect sound with stock pads. Burned in w/ moderate pink noise for 5 days, bass bloom is back w/ stock pads. Will try MSR7 pads next. Either way, I must emphasize, how perfectly accurate, full, and not overstated, the mids on these, accurate enough to mix with. This is where I would differ with the Audeze I've heard, and many planars (Monoprice and Blue Ella) in the lower true mids to lower high mids 800 hz to 2 kHz.

    They are too much, and it can fatigue. Mr Speakers (Ether Flow), and some of the HiFiMan (the Edition X V2 especially), seem to avoid this issue consistently. Their highs are also exceptionally detailed - and usually fatigue free, while Audeze seems to have a smear that others have alluded to up there, for me. The sub bass on all Audeze I'd tried does reach low, but loses a lot of power below 40 - especially 30 hz. If you like Meze subs, you'll miss it on those. Meze are closer to the Harman Curve (inverse Fletcher Munson) more lows, flat true mids, slight dip in high mids (not recessed) smooth, clearer highs. The Meze are so light, and don't clamp. The Audeze are uncomfortably heavy and clamp too much. You will be disappointed as I have been with them. Even their "bassiest" pair, the LCD 2.2, pre-Fazor, did not impress me. Extended but lacking quantity in the subs, a slightly "small n" shaped response. The LCD-3 beats LCD-2, but has even more mids. An LCD-4 is better, but still lack subs, and the amazing Meze highs, for the price, it's just diminishing returns.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
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  5. koover
    Well that pretty much sums it up.
    I have a decision to make and it's between the LCD2, Focal Elear and the HE560.
    I own the classics, LOVE THEM IMMENSELY and they’re my daily portable driver on my DFR and IP7 while still geting a lot of head time on my home rig.

    Looking for another TOTL or close to it to
    Compliment the rest of my HP’s within my budget. If I sell the other 2 HP’s that are up for sale, I’ll have a grand to play with. If not, half that so thus the reason for asking and what my current choices are.

    I predominantly use the TH900 most of the time but I want another that will pair up well with the LYR2 and all the current stock of tubes I’ve hoarded.

    I really appreciate that detailed response. Thanks bro!
  6. BubbleChamber
    I have similar experience. I got a pair of Dekoni ATH-50 pads and they were absolutely horrible. I put them on the HP50, they were very uncomfortable and the bass just disappeared. I also tried a pair of HM5 hybrid, very comfy but due to the thickness and the perforation, they neutralized the bass and took all the fun out of the HP50. Put the hybrid on the Meze 99, didn't change the sound much but due to the thickness, they created a tighter clamp and became uncomfortable after a while. I just got a pair of Brainwavz sheepskin non-angled pads (half the price of the Dekoni), they made all the difference in the world! They fit me perfectly for both the HP50 and the Meze 99. I think pads can get personal due to the various size and shape of the human head, and whether or not you wear glasses.
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  7. koover
    So if I was to purchase the 99Neo, would it be a mistake seeing I already own the classic? I just love this HP and is just as good as any other HP I have or heard. It punches and proves itself at or above many of the better IMHO.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
  8. PinkyPowers
    Neo has a thicker, bassier sound. If you're okay with that, Neo will not feel like a mistake.
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  9. mbwilson111
    ...and they are really pretty with the black and silver :)
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  10. Mark Up
    On the Classic tour of the original, smaller pad version, highs, mids and mid bass were great, the subs extended nice but lost too much below 40 hz. They've revised the pads twice. Version two was short lived, version three is what is on the newer Meze Classic and 99. Tyll didn't like the change in sound those pads cause on both models. The Neo has less sub bass than the new Classic, but more sub bass (and a mid / higher bass hump pads create on both models) vs original smaller pad Classic versions. So it depends which Classic you have. You'd said you're considering another to compliment those, and a TH900 (do you have other headphones too)? Once I figure out which version you have I'll have suggestions.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
  11. koover
    I’m selling quite a few but I should settle with....
    *TH-X00 Purplehearts driver dampening with Ori pads
    *Denon AH-D2000 Modded
    *Meze 99 classics of course. Bought off other Head-Fier with original pads

    Still haven't sold
    Sony MDR -Z7
    AT W1000X


    Was Considering HE560

    Thank for your responses
  12. Shane D
    What did you think of the 1060? I am curious why you sold them


    Shane D
  13. Mark Up
    You've got it covered. You can order the newest pads direct from Meze for $20, swap them onto your Classics and you get 99% of the Neo sound (just slightly more bass than Neo, and remember, Neo or Classic, the new pads bring up sub bass but especially mid to upper bass). You can also buy the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 pads, off Amazon, only $15 or so. They will give you enhanced sub bass, more comfort and space around your ear, and without the extra mid to high bass bloat many complain about. Like a whole new two pairs of headphones just by buying two sets of pads. The HE560 beats the HE400i but is similar, in being bright, lacking sub bass, just more refined. If you'd prefer a pair to differ enough from what you have, Edition X V2 is incredible (but big and expensive though not too heavy). For a more expensive, slightly smaller, even more light option, consider a MrSpeakers Ether Flow Open. That and the Edition X V2 - tied for best sounding planars at CanJam NYC 2017 for me. Or their Aeon Flow Open, for a lot less, and 95% of that quality. Then for dynamics, you could consider the now lower priced Focal Elear, though they are a bit heavier, and the notoriously dynamic sound, with a mid treble peak, may not be for everyone.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
  14. koover
    Actually they were pretty good and I liked them.
    They just weren’t getting any headtime. I sold them so someone else can enjoy them and help me finance something else that suited more to my tastes which is listed above.

    The only one I’m not interested in anymore on what you listed is the Elear. My understanding is they have a huge mid suckout. I also am a fan of all the ZMF HP’s with the Atticus looking like it’s the closest to what I’m looking for. That would be HD650 mids, the TH900 sub bass, the LCD 2 mid bass and just a tad less extended treble then the TH900 again. The Mr. Speakers really do interest me.
    The interesting thing is, I like the 99 classic as much as anything I own and I don’t ever see me parting with it. To me, it hits all the right notes and for for me??....will always stay in my rotation.
  15. Shane D
    I share your love for the Classics, but am curious about the 1060's. Wish I could test them out somewhere.

    Shane D
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