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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. mid-range
    I never heard of MSR7 pads. I placed an order for them. Thanks. I'm trying to read all posts. It will take awhile. I'm starting with the most recent one & going back; the first one going forward. Should be done by 2020.
    I found boomy bass on relatively few recordings. I have to be careful judging headphones because some recordings are poorly recorded. Some 60's stuff like Buddy Holly's was recorded in a garage and is better than some new offerings today. I like Madonna's version of American Pie but it sounds like they put a pillow over the mike!

    I have the Shure 1540 pads due today.
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  2. RockStar2005
    Well I'm glad some people agree with me! lol

    Yeah your theory makes perfect sense mid-range. That is probably one of a few reasons why you'll NEVER see a large group of people all agreeing ACROSS THE BOARD on any random HP's sound quality. That's why it's always best to use reviews as a guide but never assume 100% that you will like or dislike a particular HP based solely on reviews.

    Yes it would be nice if every manufacturer included those foam discs for fine tuning. And yes they care so much about color options so they should offer more options that affect the sound too.
  3. Preachy1
    FWIW, I replaced the stock pads on my Maple set with BW PU Leather, non-angled pads. The results are perfect for me (key words - "for me"). I usually rotate my headphones daily or every other day, but it took nearly 2 weeks for me to wrench these off my head to show some of my other cans some love! :)
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  4. Lurk650
    EQ's can also vary on how many bands a person has to utilize but most importantly the sources we use all very so one Eq for a source may not work for another
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  5. RockStar2005
    This is true. Meze would also want to put out a disclaimer saying clarifying that the EQ bands are meant for 10-band EQ players. At least all the ones I've created were 10-band.
  6. BunnyNamedCraig
    @MezeTeam you guys coming to CanJam NY in Feb?? I also wanted to know if you were coming, if you had anything up your sleeve you would like to tell us, or at least a hint?:gs1000smile: I feel like you guys have to be up to something... BTW we have used one of your Meze99 classics cable to put on our Elear lol. Super awesome you get 2 cables and a case for the Classics... You guys rock!
  7. mid-range
    I have to say these headphones are incredible, especially at this price point. I was never a fan of headphones. At the high point of my audiophile mania, I had about 10K in one floor system, and three systems total at any one time. My Man Cave has close to $1000.00 in acoustical foam. I spent 50+ years being analytical with sound. BTW, I'm no longer married. However, as of late, I couldn't hear certain high notes that I knew existed on my test discs. I was compelled to try headphones. After going through a couple of planars (am a fan of Magnepan speakers), Sennheiser HD598, Audeze EL-8, and all three production versions of the AKG Sextett, K240DF, K340, & AKG K712, I settled on the Classics. I really did like the mid-production AKG K240 Sextett slightly modified with Brainwavz Hybrids. Finally, I found the sound I was looking for with the Classics. I had a little bit of boomy bass on some recordings. I started pad rolling. Velour's didn't cut it for me. The bass seemed too weak. I tried the sheepskin Brainwavz. Comfortable for sure but no cigar. Remember, these are opinions from a guy who is hearing challenged. I tried my favorite Brainwavz Hybrids that I used on the Sextetts. Ugh! Still no warm fuzzy feeling. Finally got the Shure 1540 pads. The bass sounded a bit thin so I wrapped (temporarily) the outer perimeter of the pad with electrical tape. Since these pads have a pleather inner circle, I couldn't figure out why the bass still sounded a bit weak. Then I noticed there were 4 holes in the pleather inner liner. I plugged them with liquid electrical tape. I finally got the sound I was looking for. Next comes burn-in; both headphones & brain.
    I can only imagine what you guys/girls hear with decent hearing abilities. Kick back & enjoy it now while it lasts! I spent most of my life being analytical with my equipment. We are always reaching for the nirvana of sound, but must stop & smell the roses along the way.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
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  8. Mark Up
    Consider the Audio Technica ATH MSR7 ear pads (black of course). You can get them on EBay, one place in America has them under $10, or imported from China for $15 (free shipping). The slip right in the ridge on the headphones, look great, and give your ear a bit more space. The sound is more spacious, the highs just as detailed, no loss of bass but the low mids / higher bass cleans up substantially.
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  9. mid-range
    Thanks. I actually just ordered the Audio Technica ATH MSR7 last night. They are due sometime in January.
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  10. mid-range
    I had the ATH MSR7 on order from China. Couldn't wait 4 weeks so I placed an order from the U.S. supplier. BTW, thanks for the pics. The ATH MSR7's are "cleaner" looking than the Shure's that partially cover the wood.
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  11. Mark Up
    Pads are so odd. I've tested Shure ear pads (the 840) on cans where they had better bass than the MSR7 pads, and hear the exact opposite on other cans. How they work with the driver to reflect or direct sound has such an impact. Thatis why these pads were miraculous, in cleaning up the low mids and high bass, without losing any subs. That can be tricky.
  12. mid-range
    Agreed. The Brainwavz Hybrid sounded absolutely fantastic on my AKG Sextett Mid-Production's but were blah (for me) on the Classics. Some factors may be the inner circle and if it covers part of a driver.
  13. Ossy_TK
    My Classics finally came today and I tried BW Hybrids,it calms the bass but overall not so great.I tested 1 thing-hybrids have this perforated insides and I thought it might be damping some sound so I cut stripes of full grain leather and stick them with double sided tape inside-they sounded better but with that tape too stiff and uncomfortable to wear.Maybe I'll glue it in.The other factor is that hybrids have this thin screen while originals are more thick;somebody mentioned here before adding some thicker screens.Still waiting for MSR7 from China and sheepskins as well.Originals are cool but rather on the ear than over the ear.The bass in some recordings is overwhelming for me(I'm DT880/Shure840 user)but in others is fanstastic,The Police Synchronicity that is pretty thin/bright sounding now is like new experience.Old AC/DC albums as well.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  14. nadezhda 6004
    Personally I like Meze 5 times more than DT770 80 ohm. They are warmier, bassier and with a deeper stage. Unfortunately first I bought DT770. Otherwise I'd never choose them.
  15. mid-range
    I installed the ATH MSR7 pads today. They're great. There wasn't a major difference between them and my modified Shure 1540 pads for sound but they are so much cleaner looking. I can see all of the walnut again. Thanks for the photos.
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