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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. RockStar2005
    Hmm ok. Good to know! Thanks for sharing Zivro!
  2. infernix
    So this Ebay cable is actually really nice. Plugs are a bit shorter but they're fine. QC might not be great, one of them is just a bit off instead of straight, but all in all good stuff considering the price. Feeling kinda sorry for having to cut it up (I intend to shorten it so it attaches to a Fiio BTR1 mounted on top of the Meze) :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Bascule
    Well - I'm going back on pretty much everything I said in the original post.

    I've stuck with them for a while, because they DO address one small issue I have, which is getting hot ears when wearing the standard (larger) pads for extended periods. Comfort is good with these.

    However.. My original comment on isolation, nope, that was wrong. a number of complaints from colleagues over the sound leakage (which was the original prompt to ditch my Sennheiser 650s) led me to test for myself, with the phones on the headstand - no question, almost no leakage from the standard pads but a significant amount from the Brainwavz by comparison. Isolation for the wearer is fine, but much less so for those around them.

    Putting the original pads back on also confirmed what a few others have said about the effect on the bass from the Brainwavz - I wasn't unhappy with it til I put the originals back but there's no question they are better, tighter and frankly the Brainwavz won't be going back on.
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  4. FortisFlyer75
    I'm a bit behind on here, although I've seen this already in the Meze store I had'nt seen this post until catching up but it would be great to do a tour for these as you already know from way back I needed a shorter length cable and went the route of a fellow 99C owner who already had one done with Kimber cable by Russ Andrews here in the UK and is a very good cable for the price but only drawback it does suffer from is microphonics and been a bit stiff for a relatively narrow gauge cable but would be interesting to hear the Meze premium cables to see how they all compare but my main question was for you guys now that you are doing some more premium cables for the Classics and the new balanced connection that is here now and will only become I think the prodominant balanced connection for portable devices in next couple of years for most companies are you thinking of doing a 4.4 balanced version of these premium cables soon?

    I say this as i got both 3.5 TRS and a 4.4TRRS done in that kimber cable for my Sony W1MA Walkman and the balanced connection sound wise is on another level to the single ended and would love to try one of these in a 4.4 balanced:wink:

    I was going to send this as a PM but thought if psoted in publicly might stir up others who want 4.4Bal for their Meze and put some pressure on you guys to say okay, lets keep them quite and do some!?...:fingers_crossed::headphones::relaxed:
  5. FortisFlyer75
    Well done Meze team, Knew you was going to do some IEM's like this with detachable cable. So we are looking at four different model variants here? Or just one model with different finishes?

    They look typical elegant eye for detail and sensible shape and size in design that is becoming a normal hallmark for you guys.
    Quesiton is are these going to be BA's, dynamics or hybrids!??

    Looks like you've opted for MMCX instead of 2 pin connectors, any preference there on the choice as they both have their downfalls and upsides.

    Look forward to further info on these as you posted this back in August, does this mean your giving people a little early Christmas present annoucning the update before the year is out?
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  6. nmatheis Contributor
    All of this sounds really cool. I'm glad to see Meze moving forward with wifey sound like some really exciting new products. I'm eager for some announcements!
  7. RockStar2005
    Yeah............ I don't buy IEMs, but if I ever did again, I'd make sure they were detachable. The cable breaking or going bad is the main issue I always had with non-detachable IEMs in the past. So Meze, VERY wise move in going this route!! And they look really classy too, though I wouldn't expect anything less from Meze!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
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  8. Dobrescu George
    You wouldn't believe how eager I am to see them make those Empyrean headphones! It should be quite soon that they will announce more as they should have received the technology to speed up the development! :darthsmile:

    Don't forget, they are making real concrete headphones!

    That is concrete. I touched it back then. CONCRETE

  9. FortisFlyer75
    I've currently got the Neo tour pair for review and comparing it to my 99C's and picking out the differences between the two which has been interesting and further more would be interesting to hear how the concrete ones differ in sound once more to the Neo and 99C's....
    I imagine somwhow the concrete would be the ultimate in deadning the sound with no ringing or resonance giving a more shorter trailing edge on notes giving a drier signature than the current classic sig yet still retain the Meze house sound in general, just my imagination on how concrete possibly might sound.

    Wonder if Meze will do a concrete headstand for these to sit on!?
    Is there any "concrete" news on these! :joy::joy:

    Time for my bed I think....
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  10. Dobrescu George
    @MezeTeam , how is the progress on these new headphones? :darthsmile:

    Seems people want to know more!
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  11. Preachy1
    I saw earlier that someone was asking if the Maple's were still available. I have a pristine pair that I bought last year for my girlfriend. she doesn't like them and I don't need them as I have the Walnut/Silver combo. they are in perfect condition so if anyone is interested, PM me and we can talk $$$.
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  12. koover
    Does anyone think there’ll be a tour for the concretes?
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  13. HungryPanda
    A heavy tour :)
  14. Dobrescu George
    That'd be interesting!

    Imagine having to explain at customs process how your headphones are made of concrete :darthsmile:

    The material is quite good for headphones actually, it is just that it is a bit unusual :smile_phones:
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  15. Bansaku
    Are the concretes an official build of the 99 Classics or something Meze was dabbling around with? Regardless, a tour would be awesome!

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