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Metrum Flint NOS & JDS OL DACs

Trader History (9)
  1. MohawkUS
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    For your consideration:
    Metrum Flint NOS DAC $400
    JDS OL DAC USB Edition $70
    Shipping stateside will cost $10 on either DAC. I'll ship the second free if you want em' both.

    Both come with original packaging/accessories. The Metrum came with none and the OL DAC came with a USB cable which is still waiting to be unboxed. Both include their power cords, you'd be surprised how many companies make you go scavenging for your own.

    These two are complete opposites of one another, funny having them both here together. Hardly recognize my system switching between them.


    On the topic of trades I'd be willing to swap the Metrum for a Solid State headphone amplifier. Depending on how my other sales go I'd be willing to add $ on top of the DAC for the right trade.
  2. zfisch1
    Pm'ed about the Flint
  3. MohawkUS
    Bump, both still available.
  4. MohawkUS
  5. MohawkUS
  6. MohawkUS
    Bump. $375 shipped on the flint
  7. skor
    Is the Flint still available?
  8. MohawkUS
    The Flint will be back from Z Reviews this week, I sent it out for review
  9. SlingBlade
    Interesting. Will there be a thread with impressions?
  10. MikeW
    Z reviews.. worthless. Should have sent it to someone who can actually review. He can't even get the name of the product right in the youtube title.. guys a real tool and says stupid **** all the time. I found his tone control video hilarious. Comparing 2 (Subjective and LokI) analog tone controls to a digital tone control/sound card... not even remotely comparable. totally different products.. what an idiot. He dident have an amazon affiliate link for Subjective and Loki on hand is the real reason he prefered that pos miniDsp
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019

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