Metal Gear Solid headphones
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Mar 14, 2008
Well, the mixamp is a very specialized thing and Im not sure what really replaces it. It works great with the xbox 360 as a way to control the chat and game audio separate. I wouldnt sell mine since I love its abilities. But in no way would I consider it to power hard to drive headphones or as a musical amp for just listening to music. It has its place as a valuable tool in the gaming world but not so much in the audiophile world. And unfortuantely the A40 headsets dont sound good to me playing music at all. They are really hollow sounding. But when gaming they do pretty good with directional audio and not letting bass overpower the small sounds you need to hear someone sneaking up on you. Worth $100 to me for sure, maybe even $200 because I like using headphones when Im gaming and mix amp makes it so you can do that with the 360.

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