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Nov 5, 2002
hey guys

i was wondering, what mini to mini cable should i use to connect my pcdp to meta 42 portable amp?
also, what cable should i use to connect my meta 42 to my sb audigy 1? mini to rca?

what cables are of the highest quality for this?

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an often recommended mini-mini thats reasonably priced:

Kimber mini-mini


Headroom also has the Kimber mini-RCA


I was just in the market for a mini-RCA. i ended buying a DIY cable from puppyslugg. its an awesome cable, with really nice plugs. highly recommended.

but if you wanna buy one, try the kimber or bolder (which is more cash--$87, but is supposed to be of higher quality)
check out el nero's thread on mini-RCA
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Next question: I have a GTXP and I can hookup either cable to the same line out(has both mini and RCA). Which Kimber do you think would sound better to my future Meta?
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Don't mini connectors by their nature combine the ground return? I'm talking out of my ass I'm afraid. I'd think the RCA would be better. Bolder sells the best mini-mini and mini-RCA cables afaik. His are simply the basic Jon Risch formula. They're not all that inexpensive, though.

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