Mesh/foam on earbuds
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Mar 25, 2007
This is probably a really stupid question but, I just bought a pair of MX670s and they came with these mesh/foam covers for the earbuds. Do they affect the sound of the earbuds at all? They seem really flimsy and easily broken.
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Foam pad can affect sound. They tend to absorb some treble, but in return they also allow a better fit (which means better sound). They are meant to be replaced once they broke apart. You can find replacement foam pad in electronic stores such as RadioShack. For MX760, I'll recommend the use of foam pad.
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I find foam on earbuds tends to reduce treble and perceived detail while increasing warmth, perhaps due to the lower registers seeming fuller compared to the softened treble response.
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I didn’t know where to ask this, so I do here - the Yuin OK2 came with some sorta plastic foam (guess most of you’ll know) - and I like their sound better with the foams with small holes in it instead of the "donut foam". Unfortunately, I broke one of them because they’re quite hard to apply (I think I got it now though
) - and now I need a replacement. Can anybody tell me where to get them _except_ head-direct? They want $15 + $10 shipping, which is a tad to expensive IMO.. Or would you also recommend "usual" foams with the OK2s? I guess I could get them everywhere in Germany. They’d probably do the job too, because with the perforated foams they sound less harsh which is what I like.
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Comply tips are made out of foam. I haven't ever seen MX670 tips, but it sounds like they are similar to those.

Foam is mainly built for a better feel/comfort (and with this, maybe a bit of a better slightly overall sound), but at the expense of treble response.

Ha, I didn't even read what everyone else said, which is basically the exact same thing.

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