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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. chaturanga
    I am in love with ME2s sound character. I would call ME2 as "never sibilant" rather than "less sibilant". I never noticed a sibilance on it, yet the details and treble extension is very good enough to enjoy long sessions.
  2. Ragnar-BY
    I completely agree with that. "Never sibilant" is better definition. I have some bad mastered records, even with those records ME2 was doing great job reducing sibilance.
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  3. Lifted Andreas
    So I uhm.. picked up a FiiO Q1ii this week which sounds pretty nice, however I'm still haunted by the thought that I should have tried the Explorer 2 as well so I'm currently hunting for a good deal. If I manage to find one there will be a comparison coming for sure.
  4. DarwinOSX
    I got two new dacs for xmas so don't need my Meridian. I'll sell it to you for a really good price if you want to PM me.
  5. Knov015
    first time posting here in head-fi

    I have just recently purchased the Explorer 2, after reading all the praise about its DAC, and, I have to say, easily the best DAC I have ever owned so far.

    I actually bought the Q1 MII not long ago and, while I wouldnt say I am entirely disappointed by it after comparing it to the Explorer 2, it is significantly behind the Explorer 2, especially in terms of clarity, soundstage and detail retrieval.

    Not gonna hate on the MII though, it was on the cheap side, and packed with features. plus, it's mobile.

    Just sharing my thoughts
  6. Lifted Andreas
    Welcome to Head-Fi, hope you enjoy your stay.

    Yeah I chose the Q1ii because of the form factor, hardware volume control and hardware gain + bass boost. To me the Meridian just lacked features, although everyone says it has fantastic sound quality. Also, I think the Q1ii is not behind in anything tbh. The sound signature is just different because its a different DAC. I was already used to the FiiO house sound after owning the FiiO X3 (1st Gen) and FiiO K1, and I really enjoy it. The presentation is more musical and warm compared to the analytical signature of other DACs.

    I will probably try the Meridian at some point in the future, but for now I'm really enjoying the Q1ii.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
  7. Knov015
    Yeah, I totally get what you mean. When I first listened to the Q1ii, I really enjoyed it alot, coming from the Walkman, A45. It introduced a lot of life (and subtle details here and there) to an otherwise clean, albeit not-so-detailed sound of the A45, and the Q1ii became my favourite from then on. Actually, I still like how full sounding the Q1ii is, even after owning the Explorer2. Line-out to my E11K, not through the built-in amp though.
  8. Ragnar-BY
    Well, after more than six months with my Explorer2, I have to say it`s a great DAC if you find a proper power source.

    My initial impressions about ME2 were good, but the overall presentation was softer than it should be. I tried to pair it with Schiit Wyrd and found the pairing outstanding. Wyrd is an USB decrapifier with it`s own power source, and I think the power source is the key. Standard USB port does not give ME2 enough power. With Wyrd it became much better performer. It still have Meridian polite and comfortable house-sound, but dynamics awakened and attack sounds like it should sound. After powering ME2 with Wyrd I do not think about upgrading my DAC anymore.
  9. TheSnafu
    Hello guys, about Tidal & ME2: i use it as ASUS-zenbook -> ME2 -> preamp ( or PM1 ) . I have "HiFi account" and it plays masters where available.

    do i leave ASUS sound control settings to 16bit/44.1kHz or do i change it to 24bit / 192kHz ? Do i need change anything if there are MQA-stream available ?

    EDIT: from ASUS sound settings -> Meridian properties -> advanced 44.1kHz/16bit

    [X] allow applications to take ......
    [X] give exclusive .....

    at least MQA light comes up and sound is good with masters too, so i guess this is right ?

    This ME2 is pretty awesome DAC :smile_phones:


    EDIT part deux MQA albums: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet..._uzxfBqhXrPuXh3USOjvuztYg/edit#gid=1176054952
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2018
  10. chaturanga
    Don't do anything on computer. Just keep in mind to download & install ME2 driver from Meridian's page. Automatic installed driver is useless especially when it comes to use ME2 via foobar2000.

    If green and blue lights are coming up during MQA files playing, yes that means everything seems to be ok.
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  11. TheSnafu
    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm using Tidal's own desktop app for win10.

    So, i leave that control panel "sound settings" kHz option to 44.1kHz and ME2 does all DACcing ?

    Thanks again
  12. chaturanga
    Yes but I later noticed that you have clicked two settings they are ok you can leave them clicked.

    And also on Tidal app, find Meridian from Sound menu, click More Settings and set those:

    Use Exclusive Mode: ON
    Passthrough MQA: ON
    Force Volume: (That is up to you)

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  13. Solero
    Is there any way to have Meridian ASIO driver again in windows 10 ??
  14. snatex
    Has anyone used their Explorer 2 with an amp? What kind? Did it improve the sound?
  15. Solero
    Using Explorer 2 with FiiO A5. Senn HD 650 - HD 660. Explorer 2 is a fine DAC but as an amp is very weak.
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