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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. DarwinOSX
    Let us know how you like it. I expect you’ll be happy with it. Definitely give MQA a try.
    chaturanga likes this.
  2. yangian
    Won't you try this:
  3. doraymon
    I owned the Explorer and sold it. Now I miss it when watching YouTube videos on my account an decided to buy the Explorer 2 thanks to a very good Black Friday offer.
    Let's see...
  4. chaturanga
    Hope you will like it. What was the BF price? Was discount on Amazon?
  5. doraymon
    PM sent
  6. Demo3
    I am not an Explorer² owner yet but have a question. When streaming from Tidal Masters using the Explorer² what setting do you use when you set up the output device in the Tidal settings? "Use Exclusive Mode", "Force Volume", "Pass through MQA"
  7. DarwinOSX
    As of the latest update I'm only seeing to check Masters and the Me2 DAC. But prior to that you check exclusive mode and passthrough as well.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  8. Demo3
    If you hover your mouse pointer at the end of a line, a settings symbol will appear and you can select more options.
  9. DarwinOSX
    Oh duh I forgot about that.
  10. thegen
    Sorry if this might be a dumb question, but I'm no audio-wizzard.. Is the Meridian Explorer 2 simply a D/A converter, or is it a headphone amplifier aswell? Some sites in my country list it as a DAC/Amp but nowhere can I find anything about "amplifier" on Meridians website.
  11. DarwinOSX
    It is also an amplifier but not much as it can only get power from the usb port.
  12. thegen
    Great! Hopefully it'll be enough for the Grado's
  13. DarwinOSX
    It was fine for Grado PS500e's which are 32 ohm headphones. Not as good for HD 650's which are 300 ohm.
  14. Ragnar-BY
    It is DAC/Amp. ME2 have two 3,5mm outputs. One is for headphones (regulated) and another is 2V line-out.
  15. Ragnar-BY
    Well, I`ve spent two days with my new ME2. I can`t say anything about it`s amp, but the DAC part is very interesting. Right now my system is Meridian Explorer2 -> Violectric V200 -> Fostex TH-900. For A/B at this time I have only Audinst HUD-mx2 DAC/amp(PCM1796 DAC chip). As a DAC Meridian is a lot better. Bigger soundstage, better details, lower noise, less sibilant and much more natural and "musical" sound in general.

    The presentation is slightly on a soft side. Treble is not sparkling too much, but is nice to listen to. Bass does not dominate over everything, but it is deep and detailed. Somebody would love this kind of presentation, somebody would prefer more V-shaped or agressive sound. All in all I think ME2 is good DAC, and for the price (I bought mine on eBay for less than $150) - it`s a great option.
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