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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. chaturanga
    Have you ever had a chance to compare Meridian Explorer 2 vs Explorer or Explorer 2 vs Director? I am interested in Director. I have read that ME2 is a significant upgrade to ME first version but have no idea.
  2. chaturanga
    LOL I was stating same thing :)
  3. yangian
    I have no E2. What I read that E2 is not a big improvement of E. Well, 0.47ohm vs 5ohm output impedance of the amplifier, it's a significant improvement. But I only use optical to another amplifier, I don't think E2 can be much improvement of E. But Director is on another level over E for sure. But USB filter is imperative for Director.
  4. chaturanga
    If I remember correct from what I have read before, ME2 has also design improvements especially on filter side. And that has a positive effect on the sound quality. AMP section is not the most imoportan improvement.
  5. Ragnar-BY
    As for me, Director does not looks interesting. I do like E2 for the combination of simplicity, low price and MQA support. I like to think that since ME2 does not have multiple outputs, volume pots and other stuff - all cost goes for a good DAC performance (though not sure if it`s true :) )

    With Director we get additional inputs (useless for me) and nothing else, really. Also, Meridian site does not say a word about MQA support in Director.
  6. DarwinOSX
    Every review I have seen said ME 2 is a big improvement over ME.
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  7. chaturanga
    I love so much my ME2, you can not go wrong with ME2 at 200 USD.
  8. chaturanga
  9. yangian
    Director does not support MQA. Anyway, at half of price of E2, I like my explorer and I like Director much than E. I’m satisfied. And I’m glad you are satisfied of your E2.
  10. Ragnar-BY
    I don`t have an E2 yet. I`m just trying to understand would ME2 give me improvement over my current Audinst HUD-mx2, or I need to go for something more expensive for it. Not comparing amplification. I`m interested only in DAC functions.
  11. DarwinOSX
    I think the big draw for a lot of people with the ME 2 is for MQA. It's a full decoder and $200. The Dragonfly Red and some others the same price are renderers so the software (Tidal) has to do the first unfold.
    If you don't care about MQA then you have more options. How much do you care about portability? Do you have hard to drive headphones?
  12. Left Channel
    Only your ears can answer that for you. The E2 would be one of the least expensive ways to try MQA. As to whether you'd prefer MQA — or for that matter the non-MQA sound of the E2 — over your Audinst will be an entirely subjective decision, for which no objective measurements or customer impressions can prepare you. But at least nobody is telling you the E2 is terrible.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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  13. DarwinOSX
    Personally I'm loving Tidal MQA with the ME 2 and HD 650's :) Or the non-MQA titles on Tidal.
    I do wonder about additional amplification for the HD 650's though. Half volume is about as high as I ever need to go with the ME 2.
  14. yangian
    Yeah, if you do not listen to MQA, you have a lot of choices.
    For, Director, it’s $700 when it released and now fixed at $350. E2 is $300 before and went down to $199. They are the products of the same company and E2 included the new technology of MQA. So give a judgment of their sound quality by yourself.
  15. Ragnar-BY
    Well, I`ve read everything carefully and what is for sure:

    1) ME2 as a DAC is anything but bad.
    Some people here already compared it to budget desktop DACs and ME2 had comparable quality. Some even said that ME2 was better. Nobody complains about performance, nobody complains about sound signature. Asynchronous USB, Meridian DSP features are also a plus. Don`t know if it would make any real difference, but nice to have it on board.
    2) MQA is worth a try.
    I don`t know if MQA is overrated or not. I`m not expecting any miracles from new format. From the other hand it gets positive reviews from people who heard it. I have a Tidal Hi-Fi subscription and I see that "M" letter pretty often.

    Considering price is low enough, I will buy it and try to evaluate it myself. Thanks to everybody for your opinions and advises. I will share my impressions after testing the ME2.
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