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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. chaturanga
    And you can not get MQA unfolding while using "use Android" setting. Yes, it will play the track but not in MQA quality. You need to transfer bits from phone to Meridian to get benefit of full MQA decoding by bit perfect on and "use external DAC" ON. 
  2. canthearyou
    I'm not even too worried about the MQA aspect. I just want to utilize the E2 instead of the phone DAC. I will try a few of these suggestions when I get home. Thanks!
  3. chaturanga

    You are welcome. Let us know what was the result.
  4. canthearyou
    The E2 already had current firmware. It will not allow me to enable USB DAC in UAPP. I guess that means I need to add power.
  5. chaturanga

    Let you try it. I am not sure extra power will solve your problem because I need external power because my phone is not booting up at all. But your case is different, your phone is giving enough power to boot up ME2 but can not find it as a seperate DAC. Hope Y split mini USB cable works.
  6. chaturanga
    Can ME2 users notice a huge difference between MQA and HI-FI versions of the Tidal tracks? I have a little difference but I don't have a high end headphone.
  7. shuto77
    I just picked up an E2, for the same reason as most here: Tidal MQA. I think it sounds good, but I've noticed two issues:

    1) I'm surprised at how weak it is. I have to crank the power of the PC to about 80% to drive my very efficient Emu Teaks (Fostex TH-X00 variant).

    2) The audio skipped ahead several times, even though my home WiFi connection is very fast.

    Is there anything I can do to max out the Windows audio and the Tidal app's audio independently?

    And is there a way to prevent the audio skipping ahead? I'm hoping to replace my Schiit Modi Multibit with this, but I won't be able to if this issue persists.
  8. chaturanga
    1- ME2 is a fabulous device as a DAC. But it's AMP section is not powerful. When I first used it I noticed same thing, till 40% of PC sound level it was so much weak. I am using Creative Sound Blaster E1 (A simple portable DAC/AMP) to get powerful sound. 
    2- I did not notice audio skipping. I don't think audio skipping is because of ME2. It's really a solid device for my experience. But you can check if it has lastest firmware and it's driver is installed correctly. 
    I think audio skipping can occur because of Tidal application or your computer instead of ME2. To make clear it, use your ME2 through another computer. If same problem comes around contact Meridian. 
    Enjoy ME2!
  9. canthearyou
    I plugged it in BEFORE I opened UAPP and it recognized it as a USB DAC. Works perfect and sounds great! I ran the line out to an 02 amp and plugged in my K7XX.
    One big issue is it drains my phone battery very fast. Gonna have to get a "Y" cable.
  10. shuto77

    I too have that concern, since the M2 is usb-powered.

    What sort of Y cable are you referring to, and what are the benefits, exactly?
  11. WhiteKnite
    With a Y cable ypu can split the power and data, so you can use a power bank for the ME2 rather than drawing from the phone battery.
  12. harpo1
    Works great on my OnePlus One and UAPP.  Drives my Fidue A83's nicely.  Remember make a playlist of the MQA titles you want to play.  Anyone have a link for a decent cheap Y cable?
  13. canthearyou
    I'm going to try this one that was linked a few pages back. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CTZDSTI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_ZQZ0ybCPMD840
  14. harpo1
    Here's a two pack and it's also prime eligible.
  15. chaturanga
    I want to use Meridian Explorer 2 as a portable DAC with my phone, but when I connect it to my phone through OTG + Y cable it becomes a bulky thing.  
    Is there a slimmer and flexible designed Mini USB to dual USB male Y cable? Anyone noticed somewhere such a cable?   
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