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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. yangian
    What do you mean of "bit-perfect"? Thanks.
  2. pkcpga

    I switched to the mojo as well, it definitely has better instrament timing and separation. Just a better DAC, if you rest the mojo on its narrower side while charging and listening it does not get too warm or hot. I wish chord came up with a small portable battery-less DAC.
  3. TadMorose
    It happened to me. I had my ME2 replaced twice.First two units were from the same batch distributed by a company in Quebec, Canada. The 3rd one was sent from Georgia and no problems with it so far (knock on wood). Both units that died were getting really hot during operation and I think that's what killed them eventually. 
  4. Josh83
    Just thought I'd give my two cents here.
    I've had my E2 for more than a year now without any issues. My main DAC is a Yggy, and I use the E2 three or four days a week when I'm in my office at work. 
    The E2 remains the best sounding portable DAC I've tried. Recently, I bought an Apogee Groove, only to sell it a few weeks later. Soundwise, it just didn't compare to the E2. 
    I'll be receiving a Fulla soon to compare that with the E2, also. I've debated checking out the Red DragonFly, too, and maybe I will at some point.
    I'm not interested in portable DACs with batteries. So I suspect that, unless/until Schiit makes a multibit portable DAC, the E2 will remain the best sounding of the bunch.
  5. pkcpga

    By the sound of it multibit will never be portable since it needs to warm up and run its course for hours to a day before it sounds normal. Schiit offers a portable DAC amp but not with multibit, also not very good DAC in it right now.
  6. yangian
    What headphones do you use?
  7. Josh83
    I tried both with a variety of headphones, but the main closed cans were NADHP50s and the main open cans were Philips SHP9500s.
    Both DAC/Amps sounded good with the NADHP50s, though the E2 still sounded better. The biggest difference was that the E2 had a more natural, rounded presentation, especially on the bass, whereas the Groove had the (fairly typical) Sabre sheen, which makes electric bass guitar sound a little flatter and more like a synth bass than it should. 
    There was an even bigger difference with the SHP9500s. I assume it had something to do with the Groove's constant-current amp. The EQ just sounded "off" with the Groove and the SHP9500s. The upper-mids were too accented, emphasizing sibilance on vocals, etc.
  8. yangian
    Thank you for the information!
  9. GreenBow

    Just google it. Something like "bit-perfect" vs direct sound. Or direct sound vs WASAPI and ASIO.
  10. yangian
    Oh, I see. Something like ASIO for Mac.
  11. theveterans

    For Mac OS X, you need an app that uses its own audio plugins such as Audirvana+ to deliver bit-perfect stream to the DAC.
  12. Hal Saunders
    My Audio Technica AD900 headphones are spec'd at 100db sensitivity and 35 ohm impedance. Would this fall easily into the Explorers comfort zone? Also, everything I've read makes the explorer seem a gorgeous, valve like listen which is my preferred sound signature by a mile. Would this be a better suit for me than the Audioquest Dragonfly Red, which from all accounts is a great item but maybe just not the sound I prefer? As a standalone Dac, I gather that the explorer is as good as most mid price Dacs, any comment on this most appreciated, the unit will get probably equal time as a DAC as feeding headphones.
  13. peterinvan

    My Explorer2 can drive the Audeze LCD2, so no power issue.

    The advantage of the Dragonfly Red is it can be driven straight out of an iOS device.

    So... The Explorer2 is now my DAC for my tube amps. I have the iPurifier and iUSB power supply feeding the DAC. Lovely sound. Patiently waiting for MQA from Tidal.
  14. musickid
    im trying to choose between an oppo ha1 amp / pm1 cans vs brooklyn amp/dac which is mqa ready. im really liking the oppo combo after trying it. i do listen to tidal hifi mainly and would like to be ready if mqa arrives. if i go for the oppo system i would get an explorer to use as dac only with oppo ha1 amp therefore covering mqa. i can't foresee how much of tidal will be mqa. if its soon maybe the brooklyn would do but then i would have to source the right cans. the oppo combo is ready to go and great. how good basically is the expl.2 as a dac only to external amp? many thanks.which of the above two options would you all go for. 
  15. peterinvan
    MQA streaming!
    Tidal MQA works through my Explorer2, but only through ROON...?

    I tried the new Masters using the Tidal Windows desktop, but could not get my Meridian Explorer2 to light up. So I tagged the new MQA albums in Tidal, switched to Roon, re synced to Tidal. Now I get the three LEDs to light up on the DAC, and play MQA.
    This the Roon path...

    The LEDs on my Meridian Explorer2 show Blue/White/White.  Is this correct?

    My first impressions are that the MQA stream through Roon to the Explorer2 sounds better than the "MASTER" decoding through the Tidal PC app, e.g. on

    Moondance (Van Morrison)
    American Beauty (Greatful Dead)
    Buena Vista Social Club
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