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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. ottoa63
    Hello,,,I enjoyed your comments...NOW...I owe the MF V90  about 6 months...and I'm scratching my head....you said the E2 is much much better than the V90   which is borderline Class A,,I know its system dependent...etc...BUT... I have been considering buying the E2 simplify for the MQA.... I have TIDAL  and the lossless file are well worth 20.00 a month,,I had Spotify...Prem...still not in the same league....so I just stopped paying fro it.
    When TIDAL gets MQA...the E2 is a done deal... what I am getting to is;;;;selling the V90?  I guess as I discuss this.,,,I'll still need a DAC for my CD player ( co ax out )...or I may abandon this totally...and rip CD"s to a outboard Harddrive ( FLAC ) and run everything through the E2?  Im not an expert yet on computer audio....I would welcome anyone's direction or more on HOW to's
    Thank you,
  2. yangian
    I don't have Mojo and only have Explorer 1. I agree Explorer is not very neutral. I have a Modi 1, which is more neutral than Explorer. However, Explorer is MUCH MORE holographic sound than the Modi. Compared to Explorer, Modi's sound is almost a 2D!
    I hope Explorer is as neutral as Modi, however, after AB them, I put Modi in the storage room. Using some well-recorded living stereo music, like modern symphonies to test Mojo and E2.
    Remember E/E2 only use PCM5102 chips. Meridian's 800 series is admirable!
  3. pkcpga

    From my last conversation with a tidal rep on the phone, is that tidal has not decided if mqa is for them. They are still currently testing it and its ability to play streamless without requiring direct internet access. Mqa is still a possibility but only may be available through non mobile applications at first.
  4. lakej
    I just had my Explorer replaced with a brand new one after it completely died one day.
    It was in min condition and had been used on only one pc, stationary, never moved, still in plastic wrapping.
    Now when I returned it they had just gotten one with the exact same issue. Just dead one day.
    Did anyone else have this happen? I'm afraid this brand new one will die one day and maybe I'm better off just selling it?
  5. yage
    This happened to me twice. It's why I returned the second dead unit for a refund (which the shop owner graciously agreed to). Was your PC a Dell by any chance?
  6. Noobzilla
    1) Check how hot your Explorer gets when using it. It could be overheating issue especially if you live in a hot area. I actually bought some heatsinks for my E2 since it gets really hot during the summer 95+F <.<
    2) The power coming from your USB outlet could be faulty too.  
    3) That batch of Explorer might just be bad. 
    Been using mine since a few months after release (1+ years ago already). Haven't had any problem *knock on wood.
  7. lakej
    1) Sweden, hot summers, cold winter.... Room temp i'd say is average 24 degrees.
    2) I have a mainboard that cost 400EURO and a custom built pc. I've measured my USB with USB doctor, they all measure the same on all ports. And this correlates well with the numbers I've gotten on other computers aswell.
    3) Maybe
    I used it everyday for 21 months. I did see if it got hot sometimes but never did notice too much difference.
    When it died though, this happened;
    I was gonna listen to spotify. No sound, thats weird. I go to devices and see no explorer in the list... It's still indicating acticity through its leds though... So I reconnect it... and dead.
    Still measured good values on USB throughput... So probably something inside it just died.
  8. yangian
    My original explorer never got hot. Even warm is just a little bit. In the summer, Room temperature could be up to 84F
  9. lakej
    yeah I'm feelin the new one now and it gets barelyt noticeably warmer than the room.
  10. GreenBow

    Me too. I have the original Explorer. Still in its plastic wrap. I use my Chord Mojo now though.
    My ME never got more than slightly warm.
  11. lakej
    How is thje Chords compared?
    I'm really not into buying things with batteries knowing i will _Never_ use it unplugged.
  12. waveSounds
    I wasn't a fan of buying something with a battery in either, but eventually gave in, and since buying the Mojo have not gone back to the Explorer 2.
    Never experienced warmth from my Ex 2, and it's by no means a bad DAC. The Mojo is just better.
  13. lakej
    Bit more off topic here... is it not possible to bypass the battery and use it stationary?
  14. waveSounds
    You can't bypass the battery, but you can leave it plugged in to the mains (or USB port) forever. The guys at Chord say there's no problem with it being used this way other than it will probably get hotter while in charge + play mode.
  15. GreenBow
    If you charge the Mojo completely, and leave it plugged in, the charging circuit cuts off. If you then play for a while the battery level drops, and charging starts up. This happens when the battery level drops by 0.2V.
    This method stops the Mojo becoming hot when charging and playing. It only gets warm, or hot if the ambient temp is high. It doesn't get so hot because charging is constantly switching on and off.
    There is also the potential to be able to use the Mojo away from desktop. Like e.g with a phone and headphones, sitting in a chair.
    Anyway back on topic, the Mojo is the better DAC than the ME. However the ME is still a good DAC. I have not sold my original ME and never will.
    If you read back through the thread I did a side by side comparison of the Mojo vs ME(1). Basically I found the Mojo has a slightly wider image, and a taller image. The Mojo was not only wider but I heard instruments at the sides which I overlooked with the ME sometimes. The ME was smooth by sound richness. The Mojo was smooth by clarity and effortless detail. To be completely honest, it took me a long time to graduate fully to the Mojo. I found the ME still had a lot to offer, even though the Mojo had more detail. When I found bit-prefect the gap between the two DACs widened.
    The ME(1) is a good warm smooth DAC that lacks just a little control and organisation sometimes. The Mojo is a DAC which is a bit 'out of this world'.
    Whichever DAC you use though, I strongly recommend playing your music files bit-prefect whenever you can.
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