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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. fredrico58
    Ok, so if this IS a permanent setup (which it is), what are your opinions about powered DAC's?
  2. fredrico58
    My ODAC ver. B is a powered DAC
  3. sheldaze
    Are you sure [​IMG]
    I thought it was also powered by USB?
  4. Pedro Dixon
    I had the Explorer2, the Mojo is in another league. It is very neutral sounding, I also owned the Explorer 1, I do not miss either of them. You may wish to note the AudioQuest Red DAC is very close to Mojo's performance. You should not need a jitterbug if your DAC is galvanically isolated. All of the above DACs are not made this way as it drains the battery and should benefit. On the contrary, you should also consider a USB Hub to ensure a clean feed, especially for the Explorer DACs. Items like the Schiit Audio Wyrd work very well with all the DACs listed here. 
  5. Pedro Dixon
    How much are you willing to spend? I have owned maybe half a dozen recently made DACs in the last 18 months. 
  6. fredrico58
    $600 ish but... I got the Meridian Explorer 2 today, ran the updates and setup (still don't have the Jitterbug) and my first impressions are Very positive, on my Amp/Speaker system. I need a few days to really try it out. It's sound is closer to the High End Sony was but I think it has more width, depth and air. 
  7. fredrico58
    Last question for the day. How good is the Schiit Bifrost Multibit?
  8. theveterans

    IMO, beats the pants out of the ME and ME2 only on 16-bit 44.1 KHz files unless you're playing high res files which sounds lifeless on Bimby
  9. fredrico58
    What is Bimby?
  10. kendavis
    Schiit Bifrost with Multibit upgrade: http://schiit.com/products/bifrost
  11. fredrico58
    I use hi rex files about 75% of the time
  12. theveterans
    IMO, Bifrost Multibit and generally entry level multibit DACs aren't for you since Multibit DACs are usually 16-bit to 24-bit (high end) only. Bifrost Multibit is only 16-bit so it excels at 16-bit files. Even Schiit Yggrasil DAC is only 20-bit thus performing best on files that are also 16-bit. Usually Delta Sigma DACs like Meridan Explorer, etc, have 32-bits of upsampling capability and therefore suitable for high rez files.
  13. sheldaze
    Have you heard the Yggdrasil?
    Are you suggesting that a Meridian Explorer sounds better than a Yggdrasil on high resolution audio?
  14. theveterans

    It's up to your taste. Chird Mojo that I have sounds very lively with 24/96 and 24/192 while the MB Bifrost sounds tinny and lacking body. Yggy might do it better, but it sounds best with redbook files.
  15. fredrico58
    So my question is, if the mojo sounds better on hi rex files does it ALSO sound AS GOOD on 16 bit?
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