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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. Decommo

    Thank you. :) I will keep both and decide one to keep after listen both. By the way, what is MQA? :)
  2. sheldaze
    I'm actually keeping both, for the time being [​IMG]
    I have also heard MQA - it's the real deal. And hopefully it becomes the de facto for Tidal. And I still like the Explorer2 as a DAC, and as an amplifier for easy to drive headphones (i.e. Grado), where it is quite good good as an AMP/DAC too. There are many DACs that use commercial off the shelf chips, and I dislike almost all of these.
    Just saying - the step up (for me) to Mojo has not ceased my ability to enjoy Explorer2. And I cannot say that is true for many, many other DACs. If you are hesitant, and cannot listen to Mojo for yourself, you probably ought to pass.
  3. GreenBow

    If you read back in th thread, you'll find a comparison of the Explorer (1) and the Mojo by me.
  4. waveSounds
    Is anyone else using the Explorer² as their main DAC? As you can tell from my phrasing, I am. Space on my desk is limited and the E² sits unobtrusively underneath my monitor, like an andonized, glistening sardine.
    The Mojo's interested me for a while and imagine it would offer a noticeable improvement from the E² but can it work well as desktop DAC? The idea of having it plugged into the mains constantly when it has a battery puts me off for some reason...
  5. yage
    I think in the manual Chord recommends that you charge the Mojo when it is powered off.
  6. Decommo
    Thank you very much. Since I cannot listen to Mojo for trial listening, I decide to hold off and use ME for a while since it is still mint condition and just got it less than 2 months ago. :)
  7. Decommo
    Thank you so much. I purchased the USB to Audio Pro plugin and it worked. :) One thing is that I only get 1 light indicator when i plug with Mobile Phone but get 3 full light indicator when I plug with Macbook Air. However, it is loud enough and sounds better than without ME. :)
  8. sheldaze
    If you are playing back the same audio, that indicator light says the setup on the Macbook Air is not correct. You may need to go into the Audio MIDI Setup tool (found under Utilities) to set your Mac to the correct bitrate of the audio. UAPP will do this automatically for Android. There are multiple software options too, which will automate this on the MacOS. I personally use Audirvana+ and JRiver, but there's a more complete list of options here:
  9. Decommo

    Thank you. I use Vox player on Mac and get full 3 light indicator on ME when connected. Is this good thing?
    When I plug ME on HTC One M8 via USB to Audio pro, I get 1 light indicator on ME. Is this correct?
  10. sheldaze
    Well, it depends...
    But one of the general pitfalls of audio playback on Android (beyond simply not working) is it by default upsamples to a higher bitrate - something like 24-bit/96kHz. The pitfall on OS X is it defaults the bitrate to that which the DAC is capable of. Most DACs today are capable of at least 192kHz, so this is (or higher) is likely to be the default. Hence this is likely the cause of why you see the 3 lights on the Explorer.
    Unless you specifically downloaded audio from a high-rez site, your audio is likely to be 16-bit/44.1kHz. And this is the bitrate you should select using the OS X utility, Audio MIDI Setup. There are much, much, much better algorithms built-in the Explorer2 - where it too will upsample, but it will do it the right way and with a specific audio benefit in mind.
  11. Decommo

    Wow.. Thank you so much. :) I have been using OSX 2 years so far and did not know about Audio MIDI. I now changed to 44.1 kHz and it now shows 1 light indicator only. I hope that I did correctly. :)
  12. Decommo
    Does anyone using powerbank to power ME when it is connected to mobile phone? I am currently connect to Phone direct without external powersource and it sounds great as it is but a bit worry about power drainage of the phone. If anyone using external power source such as powerbank, love to hear how to do it. Thank you. :)
  13. sheldaze
    Though he uses a competing product, he shows how to do so with a power bank in the first post of this thread:
  14. Decommo
    Thank you. I read it and found a better solution. It just need one cable. It is selling at Amazon just over $2. Here is the link for reference. http://amzn.to/1RYT3XM
  15. masterpfa
    As an owner of the Mojo I am well aware of it's capabilities, but ever since hearing about MQA my interests had been tickled even further to investigate the Meridian DAC.
    I listened to the ME2 at the recent Headroom and I must say I was impressed, however I had already by this time purchased the Onkyo DP-X1 which along with being able to play Tidal natively and via UAPP it is also, once the FW is released, MQA capable.

    Especially with the lack of a wide range of MQA albums tracks not being readily available and the fact that Tidal has not gone down this path yet meant I could not justify purchasing this Meridian DAC at this time
    But once FW and Tidal do become available on my Onkyo along with my Mojo I should hopefully be a happy bunny.

    PS Had the Meridian been slightly cheaper it might have been worthy of being an original purchase but the arrangement below is also something that would put me off the ME as a solo purchase.
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