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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. GreenBow
    I think there is a thread on that somewhere on the internet. I searched for it ages ago.
  2. Decommo
    Thank you.I will try to search it on Google.
  3. GreenBow

    I think it left me unconclusive. There was a chart of phones that work with which portable DAC. However I was also under the impression that the power draw from DACs is too high for the phones.
  4. Decommo

    How about hooking up external portable battery bank? Will it work?
  5. GreenBow
    I dunno but I think you are probably in the irght place to find out. If you read back there ways people have added power to their ME. That might point toward a portable solution.
  6. sheldaze
    Definitely - anything that takes away the power draw issue will make it work.
    I used a Schiit Wyrd at a meet to demonstrate many different USB AMP/DAC, for use with people's cell phones as sources.
  7. Decommo
    Thank You. I tried by connecting with external power bank and hook up with mobile phone and it does not work. I connect ME direct to my mobile phone (HTC ONE M8) and it recognises ME but the volume is so small and no point doing it. Not sure what I am doing wrong here. though. Any suggestion? Thank you. :)
  8. sheldaze
    I will need to retry a few setups, but I do not recall any having a volume issue - when you say mobile phone, I assume you're talking about an Android. You may need to use UAPP depending on the phone. There is much more information on UAPP in the thread linked below:
    There is a demo version you can trial. I would give that a try on the phone that is not working.
    On the phone that is working but has volume issues, not sure what to recommend. I'm certain you have turned up the volume, which is controlled by the phone - some of the USB DAC/AMP I used did not allow the phone to set the volume but instead used a volume knob on the device. But with the Explorer, I believe it is 100% dependent on the signal from the phone for volume. So the HTC audio interface may be to blame for low volume. If UAPP works on your mobile phone, you can use it and share the same license for the HTC.
  9. Decommo
    Thank you so much. I did not realise that I need USB Audio Player. I will purchase the App from Google Play and try it. Thanks. :)
  10. Decommo
    Does anyone have both ME and CHORD MOJO? Someone offered me Mojo at discounted price and not sure how good it is comparing with Meridian Explorer in terms of sound quality. I mainly listen from MacBook air. If anyone can share feedback or impression, it would be hugely helpful. Thank you. :)
  11. sheldaze
    And...not sure how much feedback or impressions I could supply. My opinion is quite simple - Explorer2 is quite good, but Mojo is much better. You may want to wait and see if @yage responds here. He has been happier with the Meridian Explorer2 than I, and I believe is currently sampling a Chord Mojo.
  12. yage
    Unfortunately, I can't directly A/B since my Explorer2 died. However, based on my impressions so far, I agree with @sheldaze: I think the Mojo is the more refined of the two - warmer and fuller sounding, though it can come off as a little 'polite'. I'd be quite happy with the Mojo if I had listened to / bought it first.
  13. Kamil21

    I have both and a MacBook Air too and I should say they sound very different to each other. So don't let go of one before getting the other. I decided to keep both especially after getting MQA to work.
  14. Decommo

    Thank you very much for your feedback. :)
  15. Decommo
    Thank you very much. It was very helpful. The price gap is quite big so I was hesitant to purchase Mojo. I will think over a bit and make decision shortly. Thanks. :)
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