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  1. kendavis
    For Sale
    This portable DAC used to sell for quite a bit more but is now selling on Amazon for $379. Mine is a couple of years old but is in excellent condition with original boxes. I will also include two Meridian Explorer (not Explorer2) DACs for free--also with original boxes etc. for free. I will post some pictures tomorrow but I wanted to get the listing up... I'm trying to sell off my non-essentials to raise cash for a new DAC so I'm not interested in trades. Please PM with questions or interest if you have either.
    BTW it was sold as both DIRECT and DIRECTOR. I don't believe there is any difference.
    BTW... it pairs nicely with the ifi Micro-iUSB ( for very clean portable sound and I will include my ifi Micro-iUSB for an additional $150... which I will also post with pictures tomorrow.
  2. rupertkinsella
    Hi - any chance this is still for sale?

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