Memorial weekend generates an estimated 1.7 Trillion dollars to the economy.
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So if we can get this much generated over a three day weekend, the solution to the current problem is more three day weekends.

This was the topic on WLW today. Seems high to me but I don't see the numbers.

Edited: original number in title was 17 trillion but in error by the broadcaster
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$17 trillion? I figure I'll contribute $30 or $40 to that this year. I've got to work and poke at a few projects. No vacations or major purchases.

I do agree with having more three day weekends, however. Forgive me for getting mildly political, but I've always hoped for a candidate who would promise at least one federal holiday each month. Whoever did that would get elected - no matter the party. The US puts in long hours with few vacations. There are only eight (IIRC) per year. Another six or seven would benefit everyone.
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Tracy Jones was using this number with a statistics person from AAA. Being an ex ball player may explain it. Now perhaps 1.7 trillion might be more like it but even then seems high.

I was trying to comprehend the money streams that contribute to this. This is the weekend where many are doing home projects or are going on a trip. Either way, the market is opening their wallets. The economy has kept the vacationer in the country for the most part. I still can't see how 1.7 trillion can be generated in three days.
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No, Tracy does get things incorrect and then uses the obvious error to generate debate and drive home his slant in the discussion. He hosts an AM afternoon show. I couldn't have misunderstood the number as seventeen trillion and one point seven trillion don't sound close.

Edit: Listened to the Friday show again to prove to myself my memory isn't shot. They did use 17 trillion as the number.
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Originally Posted by Arainach /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Was this perchance a European article? Because Billion/Trillion are different internationally.


Carl Sagan disagrees.
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I bet 95% of it will be from speeding tickets. I swear,I never see as many cops on the road as I do over Memorial Day weekend.

I'll try to stay under 80, then.

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