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Memorial Day "Make an Offer" Sale

  1. SonicElectronix
    Hey Headfi'ers,
    Check out our "make an offer" sale going on now just for headfi'ers. What's the "make an offer" sale you might ask?
    It's exactly what it sounds like. Go to this page. Here you'll be able to get three chances per day to make us an offer on the headphone you want. As soon as you submit your offer, we'll immediately let you know if we can match your price. Good luck!!
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  2. UNOE
    I tried this on the last post you made and never worked, never heard anything back.
  3. Smurfs2010
    You don't hear back from anyone via email or call.  A pop-up box will show up where you put the amount you want to pay.  If it falls below there lowest price, it will give you the option to add to cart.  If it doesn't, it will tell you that your amount it too low.  It's pretty easy unless your browser is not functioning properly.
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  4. Claritas
    It's a slightly--and I mean slightly--lower price, but after sales tax and shipping the prices are pretty much the same as the best deals on Amazon. What kind of "sale" is that? Thanks for wasting my time.
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  5. perhapss

    In addition, the normal listed prices on Sonic claim to be adjustable to match other prices(amazon for example).
    I`ve no doubt this is true and that`s fine.I`ve actually had a positive shopping experience with them recently.
    Despite this, the listed price is often WAY WAY more than Amazon(among others).
    Not the best way to get new customers IMO.
    Especially considering most people I know go to the amazon sight by default to buy or compare prices
    I would`t mention this normally but because this because this thread was advertised as "just for headfi`ers"(a notably picky bunch of folks),
    I thought I`d add my 2 cents.
  6. BensonTT
    Agree with post above. $500 for HD650? lol
  7. Raketen
    Kind of a weird sale format but I got a very decent quote for the W40s out of curiosity... and now thinking I might want to get them, so I guess it's a good tactic, lol.
  8. Malcuso
    Great deal on the HD 650 about 4 weeks ago and have no complaints. I would highly recommend this site.
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  9. Jackson99
    I recently had a very positive experience with Sonic Electronix--great price and excellent service. If you're in the market, I would definitely recommend giving them a shot.
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  10. mike138
    That was my first thought too. Amazon has those listed for $339. They've also got the HD700 listed for $582 instead of the $750 on the make an offer site. 
  11. fumobs
    I gave it a try on the Westone UM 30 Clear today.  It shows a retail of $399...tried $299 and it was accepted.  Is that a good deal?  Or...the better question, is 25% a good deal?
    Also, I thought I could try three times on one item?  After only one try, I'm now getting the message to come back and try again the next day. (o_o)
    EDIT: I misread...it's three times per day.  None the less, I got that message just after the first one? :frowning2:
  12. chupacabra314
    Same here. I only got 1 try and couldn't bid more. :frowning2:
    $299 for the UM30 is a great price imo.
  13. SonicElectronix
    Thanks for the feedback. We aren't advertising this page anywhere else except for headfi
  14. SonicElectronix
    Our make and offer system isn't quite perfect all the time. If there is an individual item that you really want and our offer wasn't good enough, just pm me directly. 
  15. SonicElectronix
    Sorry we didn't get back to you, we've been a bit backed up, you can always send me a direct pm and I'll do my best to respond with in 1 business day. 

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