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Meier Corda Opera Analog (Optional Stage DAC)

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  1. eugenius
    For Sale or Trade
    Headphone amp-preamp Meier Corda Opera Analog, the version without the internal DAC.
    It's a solid state amp with balanced ground technology, two 6.3mm outputs (low and high impedance), two gain levels and hardware crossfeed. Two inputs (one has a slight hum), the other one works as it should. It has a few small scratches, nothing bad, you have to eyeball them to notice. The sound is warm solid state, uncolored but without the typical solid state glare.
    The price doesn't include shipping or PayPal fees and it's well under half price vs new.
    PS: You can get it as a package with a Meier Stage DAC for atotal of 499€.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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