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Mar 28, 2010
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Mar 28, 2010
Reason for Selling: There comes a time in the natural progression of any Head-Fi insanity where you look at all the gear you've accumulated and realize that you can't possibly need it all. This is my third round of Head-Fi selloffs, and this is probably the hardest thus far, because I've got some stuff in here that I really like... But at any rate, this listing is for an excellent condition (see pics, only one tiny spot on underside of unit) Meier Audio Daccord DAC with crossfeed and bass boost in silver. These rarely come up for sale used... Do a search through the F/S forum and see what you come up with! :wink: I have purchased a Lynx Hilo (at nearly 4x the asking price of the Daccord) and that's what I'm using at the moment, so the Daccord needs a good home. 
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What It Comes With: silver Daccord, IEC power cord, toslink cable, user manual, and original packaging. If you need a USB cable, I can probably scrounge one up, let me know. 
Head-Fi Thread (best place to start if you aren't familiar with the Meier):
The MSRP of the Daccord is $775 from the Meier Audio website, and shipping to the US took almost exactly a month in my case (due to shippers, not Dr. Meier, who was absolutely terrific as always). I purchased mine in June 2013 and it arrived at the end of July 2013, and I used it from then until I got my Hilo in February 2014. My price is $525 including shipping and PayPal within CONUS. If you're in Canada, we can talk about shipping; drop me a line. 
Ultimately, the Daccord sounds much, much better than its $775 asking price would lead you to believe, and is just an utter steal at $525. (I know I'm a biased source, so test me-- take a look around and see the kinds of reviews/impressions this thing gets!!) It's a substantial improvement in refinement and cohesiveness over something like the O2, but still maintains an impressive neutrality that some DACs sacrifice in the name of easy appeasement of audiophile sensibilities. 
This would be indistinguishable from absolutely new except for a tiny scratch on the underside of the unit (see pic). Obviously, this is not visible when the device is in use, as it's on bottom. I mention it only in the spirit of transparency and the fullest of disclosure :wink:
As always, drop me a line with any questions! I'll get some links to my other sales at the bottom of the listing later. Thanks!
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