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Meier Audio Corda Soul - TOTL DAC/AMP/DSP

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Toad_of_Toad_Hall, Oct 29, 2017.
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  1. henriks
  2. Toad_of_Toad_Hall

    Are you known as "Burning777" on Hoved-Fi? If so, did you get the approx 2000 Euro price directly from Jan? I know meet conditions aren't ideal for gear evaluation, but can you give us a more detailed description of the sound? Thanks.
  3. Richter Di
    945F42AA-4785-410A-8319-5D014E495F0B.jpeg 1CA9E687-4B0A-410A-ABCC-6A35760A7D36.jpeg

    Thought you might like some pictures I took in the time Jan lend me the prototype. I really like the bulky case. Unfortunately Jan plans to slim it more down.
    BTW it even has a Emphasis filter in case you have some old CDs and the CD-Player does not correctly filters it in the digital signal.
  4. Toad_of_Toad_Hall
    On paper this is my dream machine. Impressions I've read here and elsewhere so far seem to bear this out. Living in rural Australia, however, I doubt I'll ever get to hear it. Out of my price range anyway.
  5. rasmushorn
    Yes - Burning777, that is me :)

    Yes, it was Jan who, when I asked for a circa price, said in the 2000 Euro range. But he also said it was depending on production, number of preordered products etc. He said it was expensive, but when compared to some other products I listened to in a higher price range, I would not hesitate to say this one sounded better and for what this package contains it might even be called a bargain. It is high end in every detail.
    I do not want to say anything specific about the sound other than it was VERY attractive to my ears. I am not good enough to articulate my impressions. I have been a fan of the Meier sound for many years and I do not think he can make a sound, that I would not like instantly, neutral, open, fast. Then this product comes, which is as Jan put it "...all my dreams for the perfect circuit in one product..." and it certainly was a dream DAC+amplifier product. End-game for a lot of people I am sure. With Jan Meters products you pay for SOUND, not marketing or expensive cabinets. The implementation of the cross-feed, the signature adjustments on the front and the DAC-filter, I really liked immediately. I don't know if the crossfeed was implemented differently or if it was an effect of the quality of the amplifier, or the fully balanced design? But applying the different levels of cross-feed just sounded better than on my current Daccord(ff)+Classic(ff) pair. Added more natural space and air to the music. I am keeping my eyes on this project and if I can afford it I might go for it.
  6. chowyeung
    As a fan of Jan's products over a decade, I am really excited by this new AMP/DAC combo! Can't wait to have one! :L3000:
  7. Toad_of_Toad_Hall
    Based on the specs on the Meier Audio page, Jan will be using 2 x Wolfson DAC chips (WM8741) in dual mono mode, which is the same as used in the current Corda Daccord. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  8. chowyeung
    I hope Jan will make the case as smallest as possible. Really don't like it to be of the standard size of HiFi equipment!
  9. Richter Di
    I think Jan wants our feedback exactly on this.
  10. sigmasix
    The 1st and 3rd options for me, although I like the photos of the prototype too ...

    The 3rd option is the is the same length, but even shorter (28cm x 8.4cm) than the current daccord/classic stack (28cm x 13.4cm), which sits nicely as a desktop unit vs "home hi-fi" size imo

    I was just planning to make room for a big box if needed, smaller form factor for the same result would be nice though, cheers
  11. Dogmatrix
    My rack space is 35 x 12 cm so 1 and 2 would be a problem . Option 5 appeals to me most
  12. Dogmatrix
    What about finish , black / silver ? I would really like a muted gold face with black knobs
  13. rasmushorn
    The first one is the least messy design. My favorite.
    grizzlybeast likes this.
  14. Raketen
    FWLIW my brain is drawn to the first and fifth designs, but I'm a portable person so not a prospective customer.
  15. gammarayson
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