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Jun 21, 2001
First, I would like to thank Jan Meier for allowing me to sell his very fine amplifiers at TTVJ. A while back we decided that with the coming TTVJ and Apex amplifiers that we would go in another direction. Jan has been nothing short of a great gentleman and someone I would trust and recommend doing business with to anyone.
That said, we have a fair amount of older Meier amps in our inventory and we are looking to move them into good homes at very reasonable prices. So here are the amps and the pricing. There is no 30 day money back guarantee on the amp unless they are defective. All but the portable amps have been tested to insure that they are in perfect working order. So here is your chance to own an amplifier made by one of the best in this market place...

This Corda HA-1 MKII is $300 and looks like new. Has very few hours on it - less than 100!

The Corda HA-2 MkII is $500 and also has less than 100 hours on it. It is in excellent condition!

The famous Corda PreHead 1 MkII is $700 and operates as both a headphone amp and a preamp. Less than 100 hours on it.

The Meier Eartube is a very nice tubey sounding headphone amp. Only $750!
And we have a few portables also available...

The SXX comes in two colors so be sure to precify. These were $195 but we have them for $120! These are brand spankin new in the box!

and last but not least we have some Porta Corda III portable amplifiers for $125 or $150 with the USB DAC New in the original box! Todd Stay updated on at their sponsor profile on Head-Fi.

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