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Meet the Sennheiser Orpheus!

  1. Jan Meier Contributor
    Dear Headfellows,

    We don't have many Head-Fi members in Europa and it has shown to be rather difficult to organize a European meeting.

    However, next week I'll be getting a Sennheiser Orpheus for demonstration purposes and thought this occasion to be too good. Therefore, if you like to hear this phone and like to pass by Erlangen/Nürnberg don't hesitate to contact me and we will make a 2-person Head-Fi meet. I probably will have the system for a few weeks only so don't hesitate.


  2. Gord SW Ont
    Jan ... you're a really really bad dude [​IMG]

    Hope someone takes you up on this.

    Enjoy ... Gord SW Ont.
  3. Sovkiller
    Jesus, where the hell, were this system last summer, while I was in Germany???? Too bad now, and too late....

    Anyway as usual, two thumbs up for Dr. Meier...!!!!!!!
  4. eric343 Contributor
    Nürnberg... My German geography is a bit fuzzy... How far away from Heidelberg is that by car? I have a grandma in Heidelberg... Though really, it would be rather pointless since I have the HE90 headphones and a Gilmore amp for them.

    Speaking of which, anyone who wants to hear my rig, drop me a line. Seattle's a bit closer to most of us than Germany [​IMG]
  5. Edwood
    Man, and I live all the way in California.

    I did get to put the HE90 on my head and hold it in my hands at the CES at Sennheiser's booth. Why they didn't have it hooked up baffles me.

  6. andrzejpw
    Mmm, I could do with hearing the orpheus again. Unfortunatly the soonest I'll be in germany is next summer [​IMG]

    How far away are you from Braunschweig ? I have an aunt there.

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