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Meet the Sennheiser HD 820

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  1. Sennheiser

    Sennheiser sets new audiophile standard with launch of HD 820
    Sennheiser is redefining the limits of audiophile sound – with the new HD 820 which will first be showcased at CES. The closed-back dynamic stereo headphones deliver astonishingly transparent sound, thanks to a unique glass transducer cover that minimizes resonances – an innovation that ensures an incredibly realistic and natural sound field.

    With a more than 70-year history of setting performance standards in sound, Sennheiser is once again redrawing the map with the creation of the HD 820. The new circumaural dynamic stereo headphones shatter expectations of what was thought possible from a closed-back model and set a new benchmark in sound quality for this type of design.

    The closed-back HD 820 headphones deliver astonishingly transparent sound, thanks to a unique glass transducer cover that minimizes resonances.

    68F0CED1-8C32-40E1-AAE6-7F4B22E76602.jpeg 3ACEBC7C-E9F7-4058-97BD-1D7FC9C78879.jpeg

    “Whether on the move, at work or at home, the passionate audiophile will always want to appreciate their music to the full,” said Axel Grell, Portfolio Management Consumer at Sennheiser. “Usually, high-end headphones require an open-back design, which has placed limits on where you can enjoy true audiophile sound. The HD 820 is a game changer that delivers exceptional sound while insulating the listener from their environment. I consider them to be the most transparent-sounding closed-back headphones in the world.”

    The HD 820 establishes a new reference standard for its class, with an incredibly realistic and natural sound field. This breakthrough performance has been achieved through a special innovation: Over each of the legendary Sennheiser Ring Radiator transducers are unique glass covers. Revealing the acoustics within, the patent-pending curved Gorilla glass serves to reflect the sound waves from the rear of the transducer to two absorber chambers, which results in minimal resonance.

    Engineering an unparalleled listening experience
    Manufactured in Germany, the headphones feature a robust metal headband with an inner damping element, and silver-cladded OFC cables and gold-plated plugs. Meanwhile, the ear pads have been handcrafted from high-quality non-allergic synthetic leather and microfiber to cushion and insulate the listener from ambient noise. Together, these carefully selected components and materials delight every sense while producing an unparalleled listening experience.

    The new HD 820 will be available from early summer 2018 for 2,399 EUR/2,399.95 USD (MSRP).

    CES 2018 takes place in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12. To experience and learn more about HD 820 and other product news, visit Sennheiser in South Hall 1, Booth 20606.

    About Sennheiser
    Sennheiser is shaping the future of audio – a vision built on more than 70 years of innovation culture, which is deeply rooted within the family-owned company. Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems. With 20 sales subsidiaries and long-established trading partners, the company is active in more than 50 countries and operates its own production facilities in Germany, Ireland and the USA. Sennheiser has around 2,800 employees around the world that share a passion for audio excellence. Since 2013, Sennheiser has been managed by Daniel Sennheiser and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, the third generation of the family to run the company. www.sennheiser.com

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
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  2. kman1211
    Interesting, especially the gorilla glass earcups. The price makes me think this is the new flagship above the HD 800 S despite being closed. Very curious how these sound compared to the HD 800 and HD 800 S.

    These look better than the HD 800 S to me, wasn’t sure at first with the teaser pictures but seeing pictures of it in full I have to say they look really nice.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
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    These look pretty bad a$$
  4. heliosphann
    Yea, they're sexy and all, but do they sound better than M50x's???

  5. natalieann
    I spit my food out all over my keyboard....well done! :)
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  6. obsidyen
    It's expensive because it look good.
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  7. oldschool
    At their MSRP, they have to sound 16.1 times better :wink:
  8. harris4crna
    Now that is some 16X expensive plastic. For those of us with OCD, a small smudge on the inside of the plastic would be end-all annoyance I could not deal with. HD 660 and now this, hmmm. Perhaps I should not be so quick to judge huh?
  9. Scutey
    I'm wondering how good the bass will be compared to the HD 800 S.
  10. Sound Eq
    wow this will be something i will watch out for
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  11. Mightygrey
    With the exception of the somewhat misunderstood/rare HD630VB, this plugs a hole in the Sennheiser range that's been missing - a no-compromise, audiophile full-sized close-back set of cans. I simply cannot wait to try these alongside my ZMF Eikons; and also alongside the HD800s to compare the similarities (and differences). One can assume soundstage/air may suffer slightly, and bass impact may increase due to reflections, but very keen to find out how Axle and team have managed to deal with reflections via dampening, as well as that cleverly contoured concave gorilla glass.

    Oh, and they look amazing. They may have just stolen the "Darth Vader's cans" mantle from the Beyerdynamic DT1770!
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
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  12. Vitaly2017
    I dont know should I be sad or happy but I just baught the hd800s today and now I see this and wtf. Any ways to know wish is better product?
  13. Mightygrey
    I think you're safe mate. You chose a pair of open-back headphones for a reason. Unless you suddenly have a need for isolation, you have a great set of headphones.
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  14. Vitaly2017

    Yep and also at a outrageously good price too! at 1631 Canadian $ :p brand new with a receipt
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  15. Sound Eq
    i hope to read some feedback from ces as this is a headphone that I have been waiting for from Sennheiser, it looks amazing and I have total confidence it will sound amazing as well
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