Meet the Sennheiser HD 660 S

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  1. Sam20
    Agreed. May be a 650 driver in a hd 700 chamber can bring out incredible results.
  2. amartignano
    Not really in my opinion, the hd800S is one of the most musical headphone I've ever had or heard (I always wonder if people put them on the head with the proper tight fit). Detail is there in the real life. Anyway, a matter of taste as always, I think. And I get your point about your desire for a successor of the 600/650, despite I think that the 660S is a proper answer.
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  3. amartignano
    Those drivers are all fairly similar in their own "free" freq response, it's the housing that makes the difference.
  4. Sam20
    Hd 800 was always regarded as a analytical hp unlike the 650's which were meant for easy listening and some even said that its more 'musical'. But i'll take ur opinion and try the hd 800s if they are any different. I thought that the hd 800s' were just a remake with the corrected treble response and black coloured exterior....
  5. amartignano
    And a slightly warmer bass yes. They are overall similar, but it's one case of little objective difference that can make a "big" subjective difference. Nevertheless, if 600/650 is your cup of tea, there's no hd800s/f/whatever that can change your preference. Me, I think that the 800S is a proper successor of the 600 (not 650), especially after thightening of 1 step (compared to my - erroneously - perceived most comfortable position) the position of the cups.
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  6. Sam20
    sounds pretty good, i can hook up the 800s to my tube amp to get the added warmth. In our country its hard to get our hands on the 800s, but i'll try
  7. saj2001ind
    Guys hows the bass in hd 660s ? I mean does it sound musical or just flat ?
  8. saj2001ind
    Today I got my priced possession Sennheiser hd 660s...hooked up to lg v30 plus and wow it powers the 150ohm high end headphone with easy

    Sound is just immersive

    Then I hooked hd 660s to fiio x7ii....that needs to be put on high gain to power it properly still I had to push volume all the way up

    My conclusion v30 is a beast and is best suited for high end high impedance headphones ... and boy I can say it sounded better that fiio x7ii

    I might even sell fiio x7ii now :wink:

    And sennheiser hd 660s is a great headphone I never find it lacking in any department ...
  9. Tuneslover
    Or just buy a pair of portable headphones when on-the-go with your X7ii.
  10. saj2001ind
    I have a ton of them LoL

    And v30 is more portable and useful also as a phone than x7ii
  11. Sam20
    Ahh...seems like d lg quad dac system is pretty good. I have a chance to pick up the lg v20 for $330. Is it a good deal ??
  12. saj2001ind
    I have used both v20 and LG G6 and can say that v30 plus is an upgrade over them over sound quality with controls on dacs filter and eq native settings

    For my ears and with my high end headphones and earphones I don't see the use of fiio x7ii anymore .. v30 sound superb with them
  13. HuoYuanJia
    I've had the HD 660 S for a few days now. Might as well share my impressions before I finalize a review.

    First off, this is very much a Sennheiser and a worthy contender of the six hundred series (can't write 6XX anymore, thanks to Massdrop). I've owned the HD 600 and HD 650 for a long time but I'm not too familiar with the Massdrop editions.

    My first impressions are that the HD 660 S is the most neutral of the bunch. The overall tonality is very accurate, with the exception of lacking sub-bass and minor characteristics that I will highlight later. I have always preferred the HD 600 over K701 and DT 880 or even any similarly priced open headphone. I never got into the HD 650 because of their veil and recessed treble. That they would not create any synergy with SS amps or even huge calibers like the Chord Hugo TT is a downside for me - something Tyll will disagree with.

    Anyway, the minor characteristics I mentioned earlier are: slightly boosted upper bass and lower midrange, mild 2 kHz dip followed by a 3.5 kHz boost and a treble dip from 7-8.5 kHz. It's nothing wild and overall the sound is still fairly neutral that allows great imaging and high transparency. The midrange isn't crunchy or edgy, but it has a very slight dryness that I wasn't expecting and don't remember from the HD 600. This allows the music to present itself more completely and doesn't necessary draw attention to voices. Personally, I consider it an upgrade in the series, despite being a bit expensive. It is a very good fatigue-free allrounder. Is it worth jumping on the Massdrop drops, though? Probably. But the little logo on the grills and the matt finish looks pretty awesome. Sadly I have no use for a 4.4mm Pentaconn cable at the moment.

    _KE00754 1.jpg _KE00753.jpg _KE00755.jpg _KE30764.jpg _KE30755.jpg
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  14. saj2001ind
    Any good portable dac amp you guys use and suggest for 660s?
  15. Sam20
    Fiio a3amp/e10k(dac+amp) if u extremely tight on budget. I would recommend the fiio a5 which has plenty of power, provided ur having a hifi dac chip in your phone already if not then grab d fiio q1 mark 2 dac/amp combo. Thanks
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