Meet the Sennheiser HD 660 S

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  1. Rob80b
    All excellent points... I guess I should have said "ideally"....I'm finding more and more that manufacturers are indeed catering to certain facets...I'm not yet decided if that's a good or bad thing.
    The 600/650s come from the old school philosophy in being a palatable compromise, bridging many genres and probably the reason they've endured their popularity, the 650s veered slightly IMHO in the early 90's once the emerging home theater and the use subs came into use.
    But by today's standards and music their base extension is rather wanting for many.... as may be their overall presentation and dynamics especially with the prevailing onslaught of over compressed music and the loudness wars.
    From what I've gathered so far the 660s does appear to be sitting on the fence, which makes sense in many ways if it is indeed to be a "modern" successor to the venerable 600 series. could be quite's a challenge for any manufacture to currently appease all tastes as folks are looking for a devise to "enhance" their chosen genres, so it's not to say that one headphone cannot be manufactured/ used for all types of music as I believe we can agree that they are only reproducing recorded sound waves...but personal preferences and listening habits dictate otherwise.
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  2. Hifivoice
    This is indeed a very strong potential pitfall. I do visit classical music concerts regularly, in our concert hall in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), where top artists (last time Mitsuko Uchida) come to play because they like the acoustics of that hall so very much. Sometimes I ask myself about the "quality of the sound", and in many cases the answer is "if this would be how my stereo sounds at home, I would throw it out of the window". Live music does not always sound transparent, but can be muffled, oppressive, resonant, and/or shrill, and very dependent on the listening position in the music hall.

    Something that is never possible with headphones, is to mimic the radiation pattern of instruments, that interact specific with the hall acoustics, and give it a dedicated airy sound and timbre. So in that sense, hifi will only be an illusion at best, and can only approach reality. I am advocate of preventing big flaws in headphones (like high resonant peaks in treble, or a significant deviation from a "flat response"). But the effect of what we hear at the end depends on the way the performers play their music, the record engineers put the microphones, the producer mixes it together, the master engineers determines the timbre and spatial field, the media quality, the playback equipment, and at the end your headphone. I.e., your headphone is just one piece of the chain, and it is no wonder that for certain music a specific headphone is doing better than another one. A premium reference headphone that outperforms all other headphones in all cases simply does not exist. A headphone that on average gives you a satisfying performance (evokes an emotion that you like with your with most of your record collection), is something that is worth considering.
  3. Army-Firedawg
    For those interested, here's my take on the new HD660 S

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  4. Windsor
    Just a quick update to say that after some settling time I'm so enjoying the HD 660 S more than any other headphone in the HD series with the exception of the HD 25 Amperior which I use when out and about and the IE 800 which I use for in-ear monitoring purposes when working as a pro musician. What's so apparent to me with the HD 660 S is that I'm finding it such a pleasure to listen with and less of a musical microscope and surgical tool than the HD 600 or 800, which I've always found in some ways, as technically proficient as they are, to get in the way of my musical enjoyment.

    The HD 600 S certainly is a technically proficient headphone, has great detail retrieval and in my opinion has a far more natural timbre and musically-balanced sound than the HD 600 and HD 800 and, unlike those headphones, I never find the HD 660 S treble annoying, nor have I ever found it fatiguing. The full-bodied bass response and rich tone of the HD 660 S is really satisfying to me and I'm realising that it features the improvements I've wanted to hear from the HD 600 and 800 for a few years now.

    As classic and renowned as the HD 600 and HD 800 are, I'm enjoying them much less since buying the HD 660 S which has all the detail retrieval capabilities I want, and it has made a clear and significantly positive difference to my level of enjoyment felt when listening to music these days. Sennheiser I thank you a great deal for creating the HD 660 S. I think it's the most enjoyable of the over-ear HD series, great value and despite what anyone says about it, including me, if you're curious about the HD 660 S I highly recommend checking it out!

    Happy listening and happy holidays all !! :)
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  5. amartignano
    Windsor I rember some wonderful comparative review from you, they were helping me a lot in choosing headphones! Thanks and happy 660S listening!
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  6. pietcux
    Nice review, thanks. I have two comments though on where I disagree with you:
    1. I have them since 3 month now and I think the build quality is ingenious. The use of high quality plastic has shown it's merits in Sennheiser cans since ages, starting in the 1960th, why should they change that? It is lightweight and stable. If something is damaged, just get a cheap spare.
    2. The simple matte black is simply gorgeous, I could not be happier.
    Then let me quote, the only cable that I use is the balanced one that fits my SONY WM1A DAP. Lots of reviewers find it useless, but this seems to be the balanced standard for the next decade or two. For me it was the feature that made me want the HD660S.
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  7. Sam20
    Excellent write up man...i'm really convinced
  8. Windsor
    Thanks for saying! I'm glad my words helped point you to more enjoyment of this hobby! Best. xWx :)
  9. Windsor
    Thanks for saying. I obviously recommend the HD 660 S and still say, trust your own ears. Best. xWx :)
  10. Rob80b
    Again... another thorough and enthusiastic review with a proper balanced look at the pros and cons! Thanks
    Still waiting on mine but considering what I found personally lacking in the 650s the 660s are looking more and more like they'll fill my bill.
    Where as the HD700s where easily considered a departure and new headphone just by their form factor the 660s may be a bit deceptive for many as it carries forward the HD6xx legacy look which started back in 90's... but as yourself and some others have pointed out...with the new driver it is indeed a new and different phone at least sound wise but there is the familiar family resemblance and comfort, a good thing.
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  11. pietcux
    Hi Rob, there is hope!
  12. Sam20
    I'm slightly dissappointed with these because i was expecting the 660's to come up with wider soundstage and imaging capabilities of the hd 700. Although the veils' gone forever which is good enough along with the tighter bass response but it still lacks those qualities. Hd 600/650 in their time were at the top of the league in the world of audiophilia but these do not continue that legacy....but is technically much more competent than hd600/650. Mayb i expected too much from the 660s
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  13. amartignano
    The Legacy of the top Sennheiser was already continued by the hd800/800S :wink:
  14. Sam20
    Not exactly for me...hd 800/800s are very analytical and their only target is to push detail, so i was expecting a consumer grade hp with that driver with slightly foroward mids and darkened treble...a warmer overall presentation...i.e. a true hd 650 upgrade
  15. pietcux
    As long as the driver placement and housing remain the same, the soundstage will remain similar, even with new drivers. So go get the HD700 and EQ them to fit your needs. The EQ will not change the soundstage of the HD700, but the HD660S cannot have such stage as it is physically impossible.
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