Meet the Sennheiser HD 660 S

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  1. Rob80b
    Got a sneaking suspicion that they'll sit quite comfortably between these two. :)
    Sennheiser trio.jpg
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  2. Swiftfalcon
    With the likes of hd700, he560, AQ nighthawk coming down in price, hd660S at $500 has its work cut out.
  3. Rob80b
    Still .. if one saves up $1.50 a day for one year...done...$3 a day, 6 months, $6 a day 3 months, $12 a day 6 weeks........forget your rent and don't : )
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  4. god-bluff
    So what....Surely it easily matchs those headphones. Its main problem is Its very old brother the far cheaper HD600

    (EDIT and unfashionable professional headphones likes the beyer DT150 at one quarter of the price. Open your eyes and ears the newest is not necessarily best!?!)

    Trusted Reviews have just.. err..reviewed the 660. They rate it highly
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  5. Rob80b
    Mike's review is up too.
  6. Windsor
    Just a brief post to say that after some more hours of burn-in, I'm continually appreciating the HD 660 S in a beautiful way!

    Relative to the rest of the HD series I have, the HD 660 S so ticks the box of increased bass that I felt was lacking with the HD 600 and HD 800 - two of my all-time favourite headphones so far - and I'm really enjoying the process of listening with it. The HD 660 S is currently a key component in my ongoing exponential increase of enjoying and savouring recorded music and I'm very thankful to Sennheiser for creating it! :)
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  7. DavidA
    Anyone have more info on the MassDrop HD58XJubilee? I'm wondering if this is a driver built with some of the HD660S tech.
  8. Rob80b
    Now that would be over milking the cow!
  9. DavidA
    Check it out here
  10. Rob80b
    Oh la la....maybe I'll just stick with my AKG K7XX as my secondary phone and be done with it....???
    $149 bucks ....maybe a sheep in wolf's clothing!
  11. Luke Redgen
    I disagree with this point of view, headphones remind me of live music venues and anyone who's been to a lot of concerts at different types of venues can attest to just how much acoustics and tonality and intimacy and spaciousness can factor in to seeing live music, the arena sound, the festival sound, the concert hall with brilliant intimacy and acoustics. I saw Joanna Newsom at the Melbourne Recital Centre and she was incredible, she would have sounded awful at Melbourne (my city's) Festival Hall. But there's no way a loud band like The War On Drugs or even The National would work at the Recital Centre, the acoustics would have reflected way too much noise.

    That's probably the one major advantage of this hobby when compared to a lifestyle I came from happily listening to one good stereo system. Engineers get the chance to be creative with so many more variables to play with, they get to be architects as well as engineers, erect buildings for noise. I've concluded that the nature of headphones prevents them from ever getting to the fidelity and versatility of stereo systems but its the variety that makes up for it.
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  12. Rob80b
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  13. Rob80b
    I'm not too sure how you disagree or maybe misunderstood ..... but this is exactly what I'm trying to convey...which is that the headphone should relay to me the distinct differences between a listener the difference between Newsom's performances or anyone else (if properly recorded of course) at the Melbourne Recital Centre or Melbourne (my city's) Festival Hall should be quite distinctive.

    The point I would have to disagree with is "headphones remind me of live music venues"... a properly set up speaker system possibly yes......headphones...hhhhhmmmm??
  14. Luke Redgen
    I mean, "If we are dealing with a device made to recreate recorded sound waves, vibrations, it makes total sense that one pair should suffice as the system doesn’t care if you’re replaying guitar and drum solos", I've owned various stereo set-ups in my home and car and never thought one was better for one genre or another, the best I owned would probably only be one I would want to replace with something of a higher quality across the board, which is what I think you're saying is the same case for headphones. In my opinion, with speaker set-ups its the environment that changes audio qualities. The same speaker set-up will sound different (and probably be in a different configuration) in a pub than say a concert hall or church and those differences might just mean that certain types of venue suit certain genres.

    I feel somewhat the same way with headphones. For example, when I purchased the Z1R I knew they were controversial because of frequency response measurements and sonic imperfections but I bought them anyway because of some of the sonic properties that go beyond basic measurements that sounded really appealing in particular in the low-end. I like them because of their musicality and I think a lot of that comes from the acoustics of the large drivers and their unique housing. A benchmark 2017 album for me has been The xx's "I See You" and the way the mid-bass resonates sounds magical. Then I listen to a louder more aggressive 2017 album The War on Drugs "A Deeper Understanding" and that resonance starts to become overbearing and drowns out the vocals a little. Then I switched to the HD-6XX and missed the bass resonance for "I See You" and corrected the bloat on "A Deeper Understanding".

    I've never thought to myself "I need to switch stereos now that I am changing genres" but much like with the experiences with idiosyncrasies in headphones from drivers and their housing, I have certainly thought "This band sounded way better in the pub than at a stadium", and vice-versa.
  15. Luke Redgen
    To be clear, the point I am disagreeing about is that one pair of headphones should suffice for all genres of music.
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