Meet the HD 598 Special Edition

  1. Knightmasks
    Where i can buy Sennheiser HD 598 SE in Europe ?
    Amazon ES, FR, UK dont have more Stock :frowning2: 
  2. RiflemanFirst
    After taking a break for a couple weeks from the HD 598 SE, I now realize how energetic, fun, and fast it is compared to the HD 650s. I am now glad I didn't sell the HD 598s off after buying the HD 650s. They really do have totally different sounds and both have earned permanent spots in my collection as I end up buying more headphones. 
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  3. LazyListener

    Not sure if or how much faster they are than the 650, but yeah, definitely more energetic and fun.  They can't beat the smooth and clean sound of the 650, though.
  4. LazyListener

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